Customized. Perfect. Just for your Salon

Customized to perfection

Customized for your salon. No one-size-fits-all strategy. Get the power of your own software, without paying the premium.

Easy to use. Simple to learn.

Designed for simplicity and ease of use. Train new staff FAST, even when you have significant turnover.

Business Scorecard

Custom reports with actionable information about your business. A personal daily scorecard to show you where your business is heading.

Automate Everything

With automation at its core; Tan-Link is meant to be run handsoff.
Handfree EFT. Automatically charge customers, redraft customers, send decline emails, collect past dues online and even send collection letters without lifting a finger.
Tanning Salon Software Tan-Link

Smart Schedules

Built-in schedules with text reminders for the staff day before shift, and day of shift.

Check-in System to avoid no-shows

Powerful Check-In system to warn you if you an employee is about to be a no-show. Get the peace of mind that your business will open on time, every time!

Easy Remote Management

Remotely manage every function of your salon and watch your operations from anywhere, any time.

Personalized Service

No complex setups and cryptic menus. We hand-hold you through the entire setup.
Dedicated support person to call, directly, anytime you or your staff needs assistance.

Tanning salons owners have a few choices in tanning salon software. The ones that have been around for a while have been there since the peak of tanning industry, but none of them have really evolved with the changing times. The look, feel, and functionality that exists in these tanning salon software packages have not been revised in ages as no salon owner has really demanded a better solution. Until now.


Tan-Link, a customized tanning salon software package, is just the solution that has been missing from the industry. The difference in this tanning salon software package is that it is going through constant refinements and updates as the business evolves, and as the industry evolves. The Tan-Link team receives constant, daily feedback on the functionality and features from the salon staff directly with no middle-man – and because its designed to be nimble, the changes are made quickly, tested and rolled out.


Tan-Link does not suffer from the issue that the rest of the tanning salon software packages suffer from, where a minor change disrupts the entire customer base of the package. The architecture of Tan-Link allows changes to be made just for you without affecting everyone else, which means you get the changes you want quickly!