Why should you choose Tan-Link?

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Shade Sunless

Multiple Locations

  • Love, Love, Love that when EFTs fail, automatically recoup money
  • Loves web based, easy management of multiple locations

SI Tanning

Multiple Locations

"Tremendous asset to business"

"Customer texts are fabulous"

"Even inventory, so easy!"

Salon Tropics

Single Location

"Loves fully automated EFTs"

"Loves Online Community of Salon Owners"

"Appointment Reminders and Automated Deals"

Soleil Tan

Single Location

"All inclusive, one stop shop"

"Digital releases on the cloud"

"Loves reports and after hour access"

"Loves Customer Service"

Hollywood Tans

Multiple Location

Favorite thing is being able to do everything remotely

Address customer issues from home

Paradise Tan

Single Location

"Best decision we ever made"

"Simplicity and one-stop shop"

"Collect past dues by text, email or mail"

"Payment by phone"

Sunny Shores

Single Location

"Recovered lost income"

"Ability to work from home as if in the salon"

"life saver, time saver"

Auto EFTs, Text Reminders

Hawaiian Tanfastic

Multiple Locations

In Industry since 2000

"65% increase in collections"

"Exceeded my expectations"

Loves Online Payments

Owners Talk

"most advanced system"

"Collected over $8500 in past dues by text"

"exceeded my expectations"

"by far the most advanced system"

Owners Talk


"best software I have used in 12 years"

"customer texting ability is phenomenal"

"switched to Tan-Link and love it!"

Owners Talk


"best addition to busy season has been Tan-Link"

"huge success rate with online payments"

"best? Tan-Link hands down!"


About us

How is Tan-Link Different

Tan-Link has been designed by a Salon Owner with feedback from many successful Salon Owners, and is much more in sync with what today’s salon’s need to be profitable.
From customer engagement, marketing, sales, employee engagement, selling and tracking memberships, collecting past due through fully automated system, fully integrated online store, automated account handling and much more, Tan-Link is all about getting the last dollar of profit out of your business.
Salon’s switching to Tan-Link have seen immediate and sustained revenue growth through its features and strategy unmatched in any other software available today.

Why tanlink

What Successful Salons Do

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Simply and Automate your salon operation where ever possible with the easy to use salon software. Any function or process that relies on people is labor intensive (read costly), and prone to error. The error factor is a direct cost to your bottom line, not to mention the resulting dissatisfaction to your customers. Tan-Link is about automation. If a task can be handled by the software, let the software handle it. It will do a consistent and correct job every single time. An example of this is how Tan-Link addresses employee no-show issues, which constantly plague a small business. Read more about it along with the other features of this salon software package on the main page.
#1 Key to meeting your goals is, well, to actually have goals. But how do you come up with these goals and targets? Past performance is a good indicator and reference point for future performance, and a good metric to compare to. But the pitfall is that we get lost in the reports that many salon software packages provide. We have all the data in the world compiled into many different reports, but with no actionable information. What are we to do with these reports? What changes do we make? How do we know if these are the right changes? You do not quite know until you start tracking the numbers regularly, and by regularly we mean DAILY. This is where the Daily Scorecard comes in. A set of key numbers you track religiously and make minor adjustments to your business based on what you observe. These numbers can be anything from number of new customers coming in, to number of EFT packages sold, to number of lotions sold.
A customer who is offered too many choices will make the safest choice of going for the cheapest option, or worse – nothing. Your staff must be trained to focus. Focus on selling what matters to your bottom line, period. Everything else is just noise. But how do you know what to focus on? Your Scorecard should tell you that. You have one, right?
There is no substitute for good training, and for a documented process for the staff to follow. This is what ensures that a standard of service is set for your Salon. While many Salon owners do take the time to train the staff, there is no mechanism to close the loop to ensure that the training is actually being followed properly. The staff may know what to say, but they may not know how to say it. They may be describing the lotion very well, but they may stumble through closing the sale. They may describe your packages well, but may not know how to upsell. Observing the staff in action is the single most effective way to learn how they are dealing with your customers. For an owner who is always present in the salon, this is not difficult to do. But for salon owners with multiple locations, or salon owners who run their business remotely, this is not trivial.

Why Choose Tanlink

About the Company


Designed out of need for something better than what was available, Tan-Link is quite arguably the favorite salon software in the industry, bar none. Our clients are Salon Owners, and they are ecstatic when they talk about how Tan-Link has changed their business entirely.


Tan-Link is a complete package, with many key aspects of marketing and engagement built into an easy to use platform. A lot of magic with Tan-Link happens behind the scenes entirely, whether its related to automated EFT processing, collecting past dues, or doing online sales that show up in your system automatically. Everything works in sync.


Tan-Link was instrumental in helping one owner grow his Salon Chain in Central Texas. Tan It All, the premium chain of Tanning Salons in North Austin, grew from one location to five, highly profitable locations. In the industry where many businesses struggle to make ends meet, a flourishing business can be built using tools such as Tan-Link.

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