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#1 Best Way To Automatically Collect More EFT’s!

#1 Best Way To Automatically Collect More EFT’s!

One of the most time-consuming tasks is to chase down failed payments if you are collecting recurring payments. Not to mention, when a member comes in to utilize their service and surprisingly owes money. 

Start automating and streamlining your tanning salon to help cut down on operational tasks, plus, easily communicate with members, so there are no surprises. 

The best way to collect more EFT payments is to implement an automatic collection process within your tanning salon software. 

For example: when a payment fails, a text is sent directly to the member notifying them of their failed payment and allowing them to pay for their failed payment right on their phone and update billing information if needed. 

Benefits Of Automating Your Collection Process

Use software built for tanning salons to automate your EFT collection process. Use your tanning salon software to start automating your recurring billing and collection process without having to lift a finger. There are many benefits of streamlining and automating this process, such as: 

Collect More EFT’s 

Improve cash flow by allowing Tan-Link to send an automatic text out for failed payment so members can quickly become current and update payment information. 

(Collect up to 100% of Failed Payments)

Save Time On Operations

Stop spending time writing down members whose payments failed, calling them, and trying to follow up when this can be done automatically. Not to mention, save time at the front desk not having to collect payment information at check-in. 

(Save an estimated 3-10 hours a month)

Improve Member Communication

Automations within your tanning salon software will allow accessible communication with members so that there is no interruption in their service, improving the overall member experience. 

(Improve member experience for longer retention)

Easily Setup Automated Collections With Tan-Link

Tan-Link was built for tanning salons to automate recurring EFT membership payments and streamline the collections. Start using tanning software that will help you help your salon grow!

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