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2 Quick Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Tanning Salon Website

2 Quick Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Tanning Salon Website

Are you looking to obtain more customers and an easy way for marketing? Check out our 2 quick tips to get more traffic to your tanning salon website.

Did you know that most customers, about 90%, search online for a tanning salon in their area?

Configuring your website, social media, listings, and any other online presence to include “tanning salon” is crucial. You can do many things to increase the organic online traffic to your tanning salon, but we have listed the top three ways to improve your traffic instantly. 

Quick Facts: On average, there are 74,000 searches for “tanning salon” and 135,000 searches for “tanning salon near me” every month. 


When configuring your website, social media, listing, or any other online presence, be sure to include “tanning salon” included in any description, page headers, contact information, etc. The best way to implement this is to edit your website to have “tanning salon” in your page headers  and meta description for each page you have. In addition, be sure that that “tanning salon” is also on the description for your social media accounts, listings on Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, or any other online directory pointing back to your website. 


Having reviews of your tanning salon is a great way to rank higher on google search. Customers who search for tanning salons are being directed from Google and other review platforms to give the most relevant search results to tanning salons based on their demographic or location. There is a ton of value in obtaining reviews to help boost your tanning salon website SEO. Using Tan-Link tanning salon software, you will quickly send a direct link to get a review for Facebook, Google, and Yelp! The more reviews and ratings your tanning salon has, the more organic traffic you will obtain. 

Implement these two things techniques to generate more organic traffic to your tanning salon website. By doing this, your tan salon will obtain more customers and generate additional sales, all by organic reach. Keep in mind Tan-Link software is for tanning salons looking to automate and streamline their operations. Easily collect reviews from customers directly from their profile to obtain more reviews and ratings. 

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