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8 Ways Electronic Waivers & Contracts Can Improve Your Tanning Salon

8 Ways Electronic Waivers & Contracts Can Improve Your Tanning Salon

You may not have considered using digital waivers and agreements until now, but using the tanning salon software with an integrated electronic waiver and agreement system can improve your tanning salon. Using tanning salon software to collect e-sign waivers & agreements will help protect against liability, save time, increase revenue, and improve operational capacity.

So, what are these excellent benefits of using an electronic waiver and agreement system, and how do you get them? Let’s take a look.

1. Start Saving Time

If there’s one thing, every tan salon owner can agree that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Whether it’s dealing with members, new sign-ups, equipment, administrative tasks, or trying to steal a bit of free time, there is always something needing your attention.

If you can find an opportunity to save a few moments – consider it a victory. And Tan-Link can help. Our cutting-edge tanning salon software includes an easy way to have customers electronically sign and collect waivers & agreements. We are making local check-ins faster and easier for everyone involved.

Our waiver & agreement system allows your salon to collect the proper signatures for certain memberships, packages, or sessions sold, all on a customer-facing iPad connected to your tan salon software.

2. Avoiding Mistakes

A common issue with traditional waivers is prone to errors or mistakes if customers have poor handwriting or rush to complete the waiver or agreement form resulting in an illegible document. Leaving the salon owner and frustrated employees to decipher the mess and hope they get the information right.

If an employee does not collect the correct waiver or agreement will leave your tanning salon with insufficient data. If waivers are not completed (and accurate), they offer little to no value at all.

By going digital, Tan-Link eliminates this error. Stop wasting time having staff copy the same info from one system to another. Tan-Link will help your tanning salon with this entire process is automated, which is fast, convenient, and error-free. All of your waivers & agreements will be stored digitally within your customer’s account for convenient access. 

3. Improved Security

Protecting confidential information is a huge deal these days. But with Tan-Link Software, you don’t have to worry.

Your waivers are stored safely in the cloud using high-level security

Plus, you won’t have to worry about losing paper forms or guarding them against unauthorized access with automatic online backups. Yet, your member data in our software are still available whenever you need it from any internet-connected device.

Stop storing member information on cards and store hard copy waivers & agreements in a locked up filing cabinet. 

4. Ease of Use

No matter how good the results are, paper waivers & agreements are a waste of time if they’re challenging to use. Modern tanning salons are fast, affordable, and simple to operate.

Tan-Link software offers and sets itself apart from other tanning salon software companies. Our intuitive waiver & agreement editor makes it easy to create and attach to memberships, packages, and sessions being sold. Implementing digital waivers & agreements at your tanning salon has never been easier.

If that weren’t enough, you could collect signatures from virtually any mobile device.

Whether it be a tablet or iPad, our kiosk mode keeps your waivers front and center and quickly allows customers to sign at your front desk. 

5. Built-In Reporting & Analytics

Keep track of who has signed waivers and if they only need to sign it once. However, it is nice to have an accurate customer database; names and addresses represent only a portion of running your tanning salon.

Tan-Link includes methods to ensure your tanning salon is collecting waivers & agreements that need to be signed. Our powerful functionality helps you and your staff manage waivers & agreements. 

6. Creating A Great First Impression

Let’s face it – we all live in a digital world, with more businesses going paperless by banking with our phones, shopping online, and running a majority of our lives on the internet. So why use an antiquated paper waiver system?

More customers are expecting their lives to be digital. Allowing your tanning salon to embrace this movement shows clients your brand is relevant and up-to-date with modern standards. Electronic waivers at your tanning salon are an extension of what they see every day at work, the doctor’s office, or their local gym.

Tan-Link keeps your tan salon current and helps your brand portray a professional image (no matter what size your team might be).

7. Increase Team Efficiency 

If you have limited operations and a small team, anything you can do to boost productivity and automate processes goes a long way. Digital waivers will help save your team plenty of time by quickly creating, plus attaching waivers & agreements to specific services.

Quickly sign new members up or collect new signatures from existing members in a breeze. Display notifications on members’ accounts for unsigned waivers or agreements to ensure signatures are collected. 

8. Save Trees

With an online waiver system built into Tan-Link, your tanning salon will save money on paper, which will save you money! Online waivers not only help reduce the usage of paper but will make your venue more eco-friendly, and you will be able to save plenty of storage space as well. 

Upgrade your tanning salon today and start implementing an electronic waiver & agreement system all within your Tan-Link Software. Schedule a FREE demo now!

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