Nash, the CEO of TIA Salons, LLC and Tan-Link, LLC, has a long history of entrepreneurship. His background as a Software Engineer, and then as an Engineering Manager for a large technology multi-national corporation spanned over 13 years. During that time, he was responsible for several product lines with revenue exceeding $50M annual. He has started more than one successful business in his career that has exceeded the million mark annually, including an e-commerce business.

In 2013, he decided to pursue his passion of technology driven businesses to focus full time on his chain of salons in Austin, TX while developing software solutions for salons as well as for other businesses such as custom Limousine software. Nash focuses on problem solving by leveraging technology and automating any processes that can be handled without human intervention. “Often times, its a matter of simple automation that can result in enormous benefits to the business. The key is to keep looking for it and to improve it incrementally until you see the desired outcome.”, says Nash.

Nash is a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization, a global organization of business leaders worldwide who focus on growing entrepreneurial skills and giving back to the community.