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About Tan-Link

About Tan-Link

Tan-Link was born when a frustrated Tanning salon owner Nash Abbas realized that he could not run his business on any of the current software available in the market.

Coming from a technology background, he immediately started developing the first version of Tan-Link to operate his salon. The software was instrumental in helping Nash grow his chain rapidly and dominate the Austin market.

With many features that no other software platform offered in terms of collecting more revenue and managing staff better, to more visibility into the business with online access to literally everything as if you were present in the salon, and the addition of marketing, business analysis, automation, etc, it started becoming wildly popular in the tanning industry.

Now, millions in revenue is processed daily in Tan-Link and is trusted for its innovation and reliability by salons with a single location all the way to the largest chains in the world operating on it daily.

Tan-Link was built by a salon owner to solve problems that no other system recognized even existed.

Today, it represents top brands of premium salons in the industry.

About Nash

While working for a Fortune 500 company, Nash acquired a tanning salon and immediately realized that he needed the best technology to grow his business. He used his extensive background in software to build a platform to automate and improve all areas of the business.

After building a highly profitable chain in 5 cities in central Texas, Nash sold the chain in 2022 to focus entirely on the technology, and is committed to making improvements in the tanning industry through automation.

Nash is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization, a worldwide organization of CEOs, Founders, and thought leaders, and serves as a board member for one of the largest chapters in the United States in Austin, TX.