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Automate EFT Billing At Your Tanning Salon

Automate EFT Billing At Your Tanning Salon

Are you tired of working for your tanning salon software when it should be working for you? Automate EFT billing at your tanning salon today!

You shouldn’t have manually enter payment information every month or chase down customers whose payments failed. Stop spending a bunch of time on these tasks when your salon software should be doing this for you. 

Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software will help your tanning salon automate your EFT billing, collect more revenue, and save time. Upgrade your tanning salon today and use software that will work for you.  

Automate EFT Billing

Quickly set up EFT packages on members’ profiles, or allow access for online sign-ups. From here, your salon will be able to collect signatures and payment information for each tan package. Allow the software to run EFTs every month automatically.

Payment Failed Collections

There is a better way to collect more revenue and save time. Utilize and leverage Tan-Link to automatically send a text directly to your customer when the payment fails to manage efficiently. Also, rerun failed payments on the selected days you choose. Effectively collect more EFT payments without having to lift a finger. 

Utilize Card Updater

In addition to automating your EFT billing and payment failed collections, Tan-Link Software offers an automatic card updater to increase approvals, retention, and loyalty. 

If you are looking to automate and efficiently run your tanning salon, you should look for tan software to help run your EFT billing. Tan-Link has everything your tanning salon needs to automate this process and much more! 

Schedule a demo of Tan-Link to see how we can help your tanning salon!

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