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Automate Tanning Salon Billing

Automate Your Tanning Salon Billing

Automate your tanning salon billing for your packages to streamline your business!

Running a tanning salon is a lot of work. Why create more work for you and your staff when you can automate your billing for tanning packages right in your tanning pos software? 

  • STOP keying in customer payment info.
  • STOP chasing down customers for payments.
  • STOP manually following up for failed payments. 

With the correct tanning salon software, you can automate your billing for your monthly tanning packages. Some of the advantages of using an all in one tanning salon software include;

Keeping Payment Information On File

Using a tanning salon software that will allow you to keep payment information (Credit Card or Bank Info) on file will allow you to automatically bill every customer on a specific day their payment is due. Using an automatic billing feature in your salon pos software will allow you to place your salon on autopilot for billing. 

Automatically Follow Up on Failed Payments 

As payments are run automatically within the software, you should obtain an alert for any customer’s failed payment. All tanning salon software should allow you to set up automation for failed payments, such as sending a text message directly to the customer’s phone to allow for updating their credit card to pay. 

Integrated Payments 

Suppose you are looking to automate your billing for tanning packages right from your salon pos. In that case, you need to make sure your software allows for recurring billing right through the software and can automatically notify customers, enabling them to update their credit card to pay.


How Can Tan-Link Tanning Software Help Automate My Tanning Salon Billing? 

Integrated Payments

All payment processing is in your Tan-Link software, no need to login to another payment platform.

Setup Automatic Billing 

Easily configure how you want to bill the customer every week, month, quarter, etc. 

Smart Automations

Setup custom smart automation can send a text out to customers for failed payments to easily collect.

Automatic Card Updater

Setup automatic card updater for FREE to update specific credit cards to help collect more in revenue faster. 


Start automating your tanning salon today, and start automating your billing! 

Schedule a demo today to learn how Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software can help your Tanning Salon!

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