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Automatic Inventory Count For Staff At Your Tanning Salon

Automatic Inventory Count For Staff
Struggling to control your inventory at your tanning salon? You might want this feature! Once enabled, this feature allows automatic inventory counts to pop up on the Home Screen for staff where it will:
Post a rotating inventory check – the system keeps track of when everything was counted and who counted it and informs you immediately when the counts don’t match. The items appear on the dashboard screen, and staff members count and enter the quantity. If a mismatch is found, the system warns you so you can either recount or enter it again.
If an item has not been counted in the set minutes, it will become overdue on the home screen. This time frame is adjustable. By default, it is set to 10 items an hour, and Tan-Link will rotate through your inventory, asking you to count no more than 10 items in an hour, rotate through your entire stock category by category, and then start over.
Let Tan-Link track the issues and report them to you.
All mismatches are reported through the software as a sticky note, and you can also go to Staff > View Inventory to see when everything was last counted and verified at each location (Support will need to enable that feature and can adjust what security level can see View Inventory).
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