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Benefits Of Sending Mass Texts For Your Tanning Salon

Benefits Of Sending Mass Texts For Your Tanning Salon

Mass text messaging is efficient, affordable, and easy to set up and use. Businesses everywhere are taking advantage of mass texting. With Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software, your salon can quickly and easily send SMS messages or alerts to all members and potential customers. Mass texting services within Tan-Link help tanning salons keep members engaged by providing scalable solutions for sending personalized messages to your entire member base or targeted customers. 

Here are a few examples of how your tanning salon can use mass texts:

Grow or increase your sales: A special offer and link to your online store

Capture customer feedback: A simple link to your review pages

Increase attendance for events: A reminder of the event time and location

Help reduce no shows: A reminder about upcoming appointments 

Keep employees informed: Allow pre-check-in for opening shifts

Increase foot traffic: Offer a unique discount code that must be redeemed in-person

Promote referral programs: A special offer to bring a friend

These are just a few examples. With Tan-Links mass text messaging service, you can leverage members and potential who are eager to receive updates from your tanning salon and turn them into active members or, better yet, engaged members. Sending a single mass text message can be the easiest and most efficient way to alert your audience about a new promotion or instantly broadcast a message for updates.

Why Add Mass Texting to Tanning Salon Marketing Strategy

The power of mass text messaging by far the most engagement and is transforming digital marketing strategies, streamlining communication with audiences. Here’s why:

Captive Audience: In Today’s society, everyone is mobile-first, so why not engage with the easiest method. 

Automation: Allow the software to send automated messages for payment collection and upcoming appointments.

Sky-high open rates: For real – 90% of mass text messages are opening within 3 minutes, and almost all of them are being opened at one point.

Cost Efficient: Mass texting is super affordable, especially the super high engagement for marketing’s best ROI.

Ease Of Use: Instead of messaging everyone individually, send a mass text to a targeted list. 

Using Tan-Link, you can add a reliable, friendly text messaging platform to our best-in-class mass texting service’s built-in advantages. Send mass text messages out for promotions, sales, etc. Also, allow automated to help keep members engaged, reduce no-shows, and improve payment collection. Our messaging platform’s responsive design plays nice with every screen size, and the inbox is intuitive, allowing for two-way text right within your Tan-Link account. 

Schedule a demo of Tan-Link to check out how we can help streamline your mass texting.

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