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Benefits Of Setting Up Automatic Billing For Your Tanning Salon

Benefits Of Setting Up Automatic Billing For EFT’s and Features Your Tanning Salon Should Consider 

Are you tired of chasing down your salon members for overdue EFT membership payments? Automating your tanning salon collection process for your drafts each month can be a daunting task for some tan salon owners. As a business owner, it is essential to set up automatic billing at your tanning salon to take out your member’s monthly payments each month automatically.

To start, you will need tanning salon software that can configure your automatic billing to your specifications, monthly, bi-weekly, etc. In addition, be sure to obtain your member’s authorization form to bill their debit card, credit card, checking account, or savings account. Remember that Tan-Link software can automatically streamline and automate your membership drafts and collect digital authorization forms. 

Be sure to keep your tanning salon authorization forms that members sign on file for up to 2 years after the final draft. Having this stored electronically, you will not have to worry about that and will help your tan salon deal with any future chargebacks or customer disputes that you may encounter along the way.

Utilize A Tanning Salon Software That Gives Your Salon The Best Advantage To Increase Revenue 

Allow Tan-Link Software to help with automatic billing and help easily collect more EFT payments with multiple options to keep up with failed payments. Your tanning salon can easily set up and collect one-time setup fees or recurring charges for any membership fees directly through your Tan-Link Software account.

Start or stop your member’s billing with a click of a button and set up automated payment reminders for any upcoming bills or failed payments. Using Tan-Link Software, your tanning salon can simplify your payment collection for drafts and increase your success rates by simply using four core features: 

  • Automatic text sent to the member for the failed bill with a link to directly pay and update billing information.
  • Save two payment methods on file for each member.
  • Set your tan software account to re-run the draft(s) automatically.
  • Utilize an automatic card updater for better approvals

9 Benefits Of Setting Up Automatic Billing With Tan-Link Software:

  • Save time and money by not having to chase down members for payments.
  • Easily collect payments seamlessly each month with minimal effort.
  • Avoid dealing with cashing checks and going to the bank.
  • Receive automatic notifications of failed payments or returns.
  • Increase your monthly collection rates and revenue.
  • Free automatic card reader to improve EFT cash flow and member retention
  • Save two payment methods on file, one primary and a secondary account
  • Automatic text reminder sent out to members for failed payment 
  • Configure your account to re-run the drafts

Suppose you are looking to streamline your automatic billing at your tanning salon and improve your credit card processing  approvals. Why not utilize software to increase your EFT approvals and decrease payment declines. 

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