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Benefits of Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software

Benefits of Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software

Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software can help your tanning salon save time and money!

Running a tanning salon can be very time consuming for the owner, as many things have changed over the ages. We are now in a digital era, and everything has taken a different turn. 

You spend every moment treating your clients to an enchanting experience. Wouldn’t it be delightful if everything was just as zen behind the scenes? 

Allowing you to maintain a healthy work/life balance that you crave and deserve is our priority. Tanlink Tanning Salon Software helps salon owners streamline booking appointments, schedule, manage, increasing sales and revenue! It simplifies the operational work by interpreting the daily tasks, giving you more time to concentrate on what you love while maximizing your business profits. 

Flawless Tanning Salon Management System 

Operate your business with Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software. Our robust scheduling features are designed primarily to help you grow your business. The spa owners can remotely maintain appointments, staff scheduling, inventory management, pos, and run various reports from their own devices from anywhere, at any time conveniently! 

Highly User-Friendly

When it comes to ease of use, our current clients who utilize Tan-Link software recommend it to be the best tanning salon software available. It aids in keeping tranquillity by allowing staff management, customer management, and inventory & product management. Tan-Link integrates with TalentLMS (talentlms.com) to organize courses and contents and assign these courses, tests, and assignments to them for completion. Training status is available at all times on the home screen.

Tanning Salon Marketing

Targeted marketing promotions can be generated out of the Tan-Link software to engage with new customers at a specific time with specific offers. Utilizing customized and powerful marketing techniques, you can put your spa business where customers are looking. Mass email marketing creates inviting emails to stay in touch with customers by informing them of new offers, deals, and services they would be interested in. Send targeted (SMS) mass text messages and emails to your existing customers and let them know about new promotions and special offers. Plus,

Go Paperless 

Tan-Link saves all of the client’s data and history in one place and allows salon owners to collect digital waivers and contracts with ease. This allows the spa owner the opportunity to give all customers a personal connection every time they visit the spa. Personalization can also be provided by a system that can automatically send birthday, unfreeze reminders, and new customer texts to clients. 

Point Of Sale (POS) 

Our tanning salon software has a built-in point-of-sale (POS) technique that facilitates quick checkouts for your spa clients. Quickly sell EFT memberships and products. Now waste less time at checkout and spend more time with your clients. Check clients- in, handle transactions, and past dues all at the click of a button.

Support & Migration

Migrating from one software to another is a pain; however, our Tan-Link software support team makes sure that your account is properly configured and setup to fit your business. Our tanning salon software allows you to migrate without the fear of losing customer data, packages, payments, transactions, and much more. This tanning salon software allows a customized layout for your spa that can import the data of clients, employees, and services from your existing tanning software.

Reports And Analytics

Tan-link provides you with the facilitation of enormous reporting, whether in terms of top-selling packages, highest revenue customer, monthly sales, best-performing employee, and much more. Whether you own a single tanning location or a chain of tanning salons in multiple locations. The software empowers you to watch and track your staff’s activities and clients, along with various financial reports on a real-time basis with the precise location that can sync with other branches. Check how your business is trailing overall with individual accounts and detailed insights on revenue, tax, promotions, and staff and sales performance while maintaining your entire business and client history in one place. This gives salon owners a single nightly business analysis report that captures everything about your business in one report, showing numbers for this month, this month last year, year to a specific date, previous year, and custom date ranges. 

Multi-Location Management

Suppose you are a multi-location tanning salon. In that case, Tan-Link software will be advantageous as it empowers them to manage their from one login dialing in on specific locations, anytime, anywhere by using it on your device, as it is a web-based software.


Online Booking & Scheduling 

Not all salon owners are tech-savvy; however, our tanning salon software has a user -friendly interface and does not require a tech pro to remain organized. It saves you time and helps in making bookings on-the-go. Our efficient tanning booking and scheduling will streamline the customer experience by offering your customers’ the freedom to schedule online from anywhere at any time from their iOS or Android devices. Appointments can also be taken through any web app, even while visiting the spa. 

Obtain Reviews 

This cutting-edge tanning software gives you a precise grip on how people treat, react and rate your spa business online. Get your clients’ real-time feedback by sending SMS links to obtain customer reviews through Google, Yelp, and Facebook, all by the click of a button.

Notifications and Alerts

Send notifications and appointment memos to employees and clients seamlessly all through the tanning salon software. It will help your tanning business expand while increasing staff productivity. Tan-Link can send appointment reminders, along with dozens of other auto text and email notifications. Increase conversions by sending automated text and email confirmations. Notify your staff about stock updates, track targets and goals and targets while motivating your team by providing them up to date numbers on their performance, spa goals, product PCA, member PCA, and many more. Never miss a client’s birthday or anniversary. You will get the notifications and can send them exclusive deals and offers on their special day.

Safety And Security

Client data will always be protected against any data leakage. Your customers and prospective clients can redeem any coupon, payment, and booking once they verify themselves via a confirmation SMS. You will also get alerts for any unaccredited login attempts. 

Go Contactless & Sell Online

The pandemic has transformed people’s lives in both enormous and small ways. The Tan-Link tanning salon software will enable your salon to go contactless while they profit. Clients can make bookings, pay online, and check-in contactless, ensuring overall safety and security while maximizing customer satisfaction. 

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Tan-Link tanning salon software was created by a salon owner and was enhanced by taking feedback from many other salon owners having years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry. Our web-based salon software is intelligent and intuitive and manages your spa operations effectively from any iOS or Android device.

Are you looking for an all in one tanning salon software and are looking to grow your business?

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