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Benefits Of Targeted Mass Text Messaging Service and How To Use It In Tan-Link

Through targeted texting in Tan-Link, you can send bulk messages up to 400 per text to a target audience all at once. The benefits of mass text messaging services are hard to ignore. This post will discuss four good reasons you should consider a mass texting service for your salon in Tan-Link. 

Sending marketing texts right in your software will allow you to target customers within your database quickly. 

High Open Rates

SMS marketing has the highest open rate of 98%! On average, people read within five seconds of receiving it. That’s highly impressive compared to emails, which have an open rate of 20% and take about forty-eight hours on average to get opened. In addition, most email marketing can go to spam.


Another core benefit of using the mass messaging service is inexpensive. It has a low running cost, which allows you to quickly launch and execute a campaign even with a tight budget. It is cost-effective and guarantees a higher return on investment, especially when you can target your list.

Speed and Flexibility

It hardly takes a couple of seconds for text messages to get delivered. A recent study shows that an average person takes 90 minutes to respond to an email. Whereas a text message, 90 seconds is usually the average response time. So it is the best option if you want to communicate anything time-sensitive or promotion-wise. 

Highly Targeted

Sending a mass text message is an excellent way to engage with your customers. Plus, SMS marketing is permission-based; you already have a good relationship with them. It means that they are already your existing customer or are a potential lead. 

Plus, it’s a well-known fact that it’s easier to resell to existing customers than gain new customers. You can use the mass text messaging service to target your existing customer base. 

How To Use In Tan-Link

There are now two options to send mass texting out of Tan-Link using your current number. Both are great options to target your audience and send a mass text to your customers. 

Deal Blaster  Use the deal blaster to quickly target specific criteria of members and send a mass text out. 

Custom Search – Use the custom search to narrow down your targeted customer list and send a mass text out. 


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