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Top 3 Benefits Tanning Salon Memberships Can Offer

3 Benefits Of Offering Memberships At Your Tanning Salon

benefits tanning salon memberships

If your tanning salon does not have an EFT membership program, your salon will miss out on predictable cash flow and more profitability. There is a ton of value in offering membership plans to your customers versus selling single sessions and packages. 

Memberships offer more value to customers as the price per tan goes down significantly, which is all perception in some cases. So, instead of the customer purchasing a session or two, the customer would be given an option to opt into a membership that essentially allows for a lower price per tanning session and offering additional services. For example:

Tanning Salon Membership Pricing

  • Session

$9.00 1 Session – $9.00 Per Tanning Session

  • Package

$30.00 1 Package (4 Sessions) – $7.50 Per Tanning Session

  • Bronze Tanning Membership

$39.95 Membership (Unlimited Access) – Limited Access For Certain Beds  

  • Silver Tanning Membership

$49.95 Membership (Unlimited Access) to the base and bronzing sunbeds, and two (2) sessions a month in essential spray, spa, and redlight equipment. Discounts on bodywraps and teeth-whitening. 

  • Gold Tanning Membership

$69.95 Membership (Unlimited Access) to all levels of sunbeds and four (4) sessions a month in spray, spa, and redlight equipment. Exclusive deals on body wraps and teeth-whitening.

  • Platinum Tanning Membership

$79.95 Membership (Unlimited Access) to all levels of sunbeds, all spray booths, all spa equipment, all redlight equipmentand exclusive deals on bodywraps and teeth-whitening. Product 

Note: The price per session on each tanning service goes down. 

Offering Memberships At Your Tanning Salon

You can quickly scale this model to fit your business and the equipment that you currently have. The majority of the model will be based on your equipment and should entice a customer to understand the membership’s value quickly. 

Also, other levels of memberships can be added to offer more services, discounts on products, etc., as the membership price goes up. Remember, when creating memberships be sure to keep everything simple and easy to understand. 

Not to mention, keep your membership offering from 2-4 types so your customers can easily pick the narrowed down a choice. 

Membership Visitor Statistics


Based on a five-location tanning salon, the majority (90%) of members that have memberships will only come in 2-10 times a month for tanning services. The slim margin of members (10%) with memberships will come in 11-20 times per month, taking advantage of their services. 

Yes, some members will take advantage of their membership, but the remaining 90% of members will barely use their services, which means you are making more on these members from just a per tan basis.

3 Benefits Of Offering Memberships At Your Tanning Salon

Cash Flow

Stop relying on walk-in traffic or having to resell another package. One of the best benefits of offering and selling memberships at your tanning salon is cash flow. 

Your tanning salon will now have a predictable revenue stream throughout the year and sustain, if not more profitable, during “JASON” months. This recurring revenue stream will allow you to leverage your services any time of year and offer more enticing pricing to ensure your customers turn into loyal members.

Member Engagement

With a membership program in place, your tanning salon will be able to engage more with members and not have to worry about selling packages over and over. They will feel more involved given they have a service they have committed to using. 

Also, your members can take advantage of having a membership for discounts on services, upgrades, products, etc. Plus, enhancing member engagement will, in turn, increase revenue per member. 

Increase Revenue

With the addition of a membership program at your tanning salon, you can increase revenue by structuring memberships to make you money every month, plus engage members more to purchase additional products and upgrade services. Members that do not come will make you a good amount of money, but most members will come in around 3-6 times a month, quickly increasing revenue for tanning services, but also the more members come in, the more you have to offer on products or upsell current members.

Using tanning salon management software will allow you to set up automatic recurring memberships and obtain excellent reporting to track critical metrics. See how Tan-Link can help provide software for your tanning salon and help automate your membership program.

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