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Connect your Tanning Salon’s Website to your Software!

Connect your tanning salon online to sell online and allow for appointments online.

If you are looking to grow your tanning salon, your business needs to enhance its online presence. Is your tanning salon looking for a way to sell memberships, packages, or services online and collect that data seamlessly from your website? Or possibly book appointments online?

Connect your tanning salon management software with your website!

By using Tan-Link Software, you can start selling memberships, packages, services, or products online, not to mention you can have a member login or the ability for your customer to book online appointments. With these upgrades to your tanning salon, you will better manage your tanning salon’s marketing, operations and automate sales efforts all from one software platform. This way, your tan salon can easily track new member sign-ups, get notified of new appointments booked, and get alerts for product purchases from your online store.

Allow your tanning salon to create additional revenue opportunities by allowing for online sales of new membership sales and product purchases, allowing your tan salon to save valuable time by eliminating the need for your staff members to collect data manually. In addition, the member login will allow your members to update billing information easily or freeze their membership. 

Below are the most utilized features every tanning salon owner should consider placing online or on their website to help grow their business:

Online Store

Start selling your memberships, packages, gift cards, or products online with Tan-Link Software. Start increasing your revenue by selling online and getting prospective members to sign up. Offer discount codes for promotional purposes or offer a day pass offer to entice more prospective buyers to come in and try your services. Allow your salon to start generating more revenue all within your tanning salon software. 

Member Login

Start allowing your members to have an online login to their account so your tanning salon members can quickly sign into their member portal for your tanning salon. An online login generated from your tan salon software will allow your members to; view account information, update their payment information, pay a past due payment, book appointments, freeze for a month, shop your products/packages, access special deals, use curbside check-in, get directions, view store hours, and much more!

Online Appointments

One way to simplify your appointment booking process is to set up your tanning salon software for online appointments. Link your appointment bookings for services on your website to free up staff and to organize your appointment book all within your software. By giving your members or prospective members access to your online appointment book, they will have the ability to quickly book appointments for your salon services and with just a few clicks.

Don’t have a website? 

No problem, Tan-Link Software will have a direct link built for your online store, appointments, and member login! 

Schedule a FREE DEMO of Tan-Link Software to see how we can help grow your tanning salon today!


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