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Credit Card Updater for Tanning Salons

Credit Card Updater for Tanning Salons

Credit card updater for tanning salons is a great feature in your tanning salon software!

If you are like any other tanning salon owner trying to reconcile, hundreds if not thousands of transactions coming in when you run your monthly draft, you can be overwhelmed. 

However, we all know specific customers stop coming into the salon and almost become a ghost, but that doesn’t mean we stop their billing or automatic payment until they cancel the services. Also, the more customers you have, the harder it is to keep track of them.

So how can credit card updater help your tanning salon? 

Increase Authorization Approvals 

With credit card information updated monthly, you can easily avoid payment declines, interruptions, and the unrelated cost associated with contacting customers to update with new information.

Help Improve Customer Retention and Loyalty

With a credit card updater running in your salon software, you can help reduce customer friction caused by payment disruptions or the need for manual updates, minimizing the risk of cancellation or non-payment.

How Can Tan-Link Software Help My Tanning Salon?

FREE SETUP for Credit Card Updater 

Tan-Link has a built-in credit card updater right within your software account, making it easy for you to implement. Turn on your card updater and reap the benefits. 

No Update? No Extra Charge

You only pay per credit card update $0.25, and over time your savings will far outweigh the costs. On average, 18-30 percent of cards update in the first month, followed by 5-8 percent each month after.

The credit card updater will come complimentary for any software plan you choose with Tan-Link! 

Schedule a demo today to learn how Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software can help your Tanning Salon!

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