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Easy Referral Program for Your Tanning Salon

Easy Referral Program for Your Tanning Salon

Are you looking for a way to get potential members in the door? Implementing an easy referral program for your tanning salon might be the best way to obtain more members and generate additional revenue. 

You need to create a simple referral program that will entice current members to refer friends, family to come into your tanning salon.

Why have a Referral Progam Your Tanning Salon?

There are many ways a referral program can work. There are many ways to entice members and potential members, but what will keep producing additional revenue for your tanning salon? What is the best way to generate more referrals? Bring a friend for FREE? Tan for $5? Does Member get $5 credit for the referral? 

The whole goal of a referral program is to get more EFT members for recurring billing. That being said, you should know what a current member lifetime value is to your salon for ROI, not to mention your average cost of acquisition to determine a referral program gift.

Maximize Revenue with a Referral Program

To generate maximum revenue from current customers and referral customers that come in, you can quickly implement a simple referral program that entices both existing customers and potential customers. We have created a simple referral program below based on gift cards. and (Gift cards are usually spent over face value amount and if not used they are typically gifted to someone else, which can work better than just instore credits, not to mention your brand is on them)

Simple Referral Program for Your Tanning Salon 

Current Customer = $10 gift Card or Instore Credit (Option)

Potential Customer = *$10 Gift Card + Free Tan 

*One Time Only

If you are looking to implement a simple referral program for your tanning salon, think about the following things: 

  • Please Keep It Simple
  • Reward The Member
  • Reward The Customer 
  • Maximize Reach With Gift Cards
  • Offer Best Promotion 

How can Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software Help?

With Tan-Link, your tanning salon will be able to quickly implement a referral program with Gift Cards, Instore Credit, UpSell, and much more!

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