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Easy Tanning Salon Website Marketing

Easy Tanning Salon Website Marketing 

If you’re a tanning salon and want to get more business from your website, the guide will help you. 

Local marketing, especially search engine optimization (SEO), is becoming modern marketing for local service-based businesses. All businesses rely heavily on local SEO shortly and will become crowded like all marketing strategies.  

To develop your following clientele, you’re going to need a solid local presence and SEO presence. In this post, we’re going to talk about seven 7 of the best local simple SEO practices for tanning salons to get more local traffic to your website.

Content + Social Media

There are a lot of things you should do and don’t regard SEO. However, there is no better way to grow and develop your local presence than to generate a strong following on your website and social media.

Content helps attracts website visitors, and website visitors help increase your website rank higher on Google and other search engines based on specific criteria.

With a simple blog, you can help demonstrate your expertise as a tanning salon, educate your readers, create a strong following of like-minded customers, and dominate your local online SEO presence.  

How to find content ideas? 

An easy way to find ideas for your blog content is to offer relevant information to your existing clients. What do they want to know about tanning? What questions do you get asked over and over again?

Create a content marketing calendar:

Next, an easy way to implement this new marketing strategy is to develop a content calendar for your social media pages to advertise your blog content regularly. Your SEO success depends on link sharing, and social media is one of the best enablers for this.

Schedule social media marketing:

Update your Facebook or Instagram and Website Daily. One of which is a daily link to his new blog content.

A regular and consistent social media schedule will help reach as well as engage potential customers. That means more website visitors and more potential leads.

On-Site Keywords 

SEO keywords on your website and social pages will help web users find your business when looking for your services on Google. A keyword is simply words you use to search for what you’re looking for something.

For example, if your clients are looking for tanning salon tanning beds, their keywords might be “tanning salon Tampa”.

Where to include keywords for your website and social accounts:

Including certain keywords throughout your website and social media pages for maximum effect. Places to include your keywords include:

  • Main header of your site
  • Meta Description 
  • The first paragraph
  • The second header
  • The last paragraph
  • The page title

Google Analytics will also track your website’s traffic and help you develop tanning salon-related SEO keywords. Tracking this traffic will help you see which keywords or searches users are looking for before finding your website.

Knowing the search result information will help you determine the most strategic keywords for SEO for your tanning salon. It will also help to inspire better keywords that will attract more visitors.

Local Online Directories

Increase your website visibility by listing with online local directories.

  • Get listed on Google My Business:

The easiest and first local directory source is to set a google my business page. Your tanning salon business will appear in Google search results, as well as Google Maps. Plus, it’s free!

When people search for tanning salons in your area, your business should appear. They can see your contact information and business hours. They can also click on your website, get directions, and see your reviews. 

  • Create a Comprehensive Profile:

Be sure to create a great profile with your Google My Business page by adding photos and a description of your tanning salon. Once verified, your tan salon business will appear higher in local tanning salon SEO results. 

Setting up your Google My Business page is just the beginning. There are dozens of prominent online directories you should list your business. 

To help speed this process up, you can submit your business to companies like Moz Local or Yext, and they’ll automate your listings with the information you provide.

Blog SEO

To become the top result for a tanning salon in your area, Google has to know what type of business you can provide the best search results to customers. 

For obvious reasons, your company’s name should be clear on your website’s primary pages, but your blog also has a considerable part to play.

Mention your keywords in blog posts:

Be sure to add your tanning service and location(s) strategically throughout your content blog posts. The more natural it is created into your blog content, the higher Google will rank you.

For example, mention that you’re a tanning salon in your area on the blog where appropriate. You should also write this again in your call to action at the bottom of the blog page, as well as your contact information.

Give directions to your salon location. When giving directions, mention specific landmarks, popular areas, or busy streets. In addition, provide a Google Map on your contact page.

The better you create your presence more local you appear, the better your local fitness SEO game will be.

Mobile-Friendly Website

If you want your website to appear when locals search for tanning salons in your area, you will need a website that is easy to navigate on mobile devices.

We live in a day and age where people search for what they want about their location. Once you’ve completed your My Google Business page, it’ll be easier for your tanning salon to appear in “near me” or “nearby” searches.

Improving your local SEO game overall will ensure you appear higher in “near me” searches. But one of the ways you can do this is to create a responsive website.

Get a responsive tanning salon website:

A responsive website is a website that adjusts its shape and content according to the device it’s being viewed on. 

The longer people stay on your website, the better your business will rank. That’s because Google looks at how long your visitors stay on your web pages.

Google does NOT like websites that are not mobile compatible.

A responsive website is just one of the ways to make your website mobile-friendly. But you’ll also need to optimize your content and images to make sure they load faster.

Bottom line: The faster and more efficient your mobile site, the happier your web visitors will be. The more comfortable your web visitors, the better your SEO ranking will be.

Get Reviews

Research by leading SEO authority “MOZ” Reviews contributes to your overall ranking score by about 8.4%

In other words, the more reviews your website has, the higher it will appear in Google searches.

Furthermore, people are more likely to browse websites with published reviews. To them, published reviews demonstrate credibility.

  • Ask clients for reviews:

Reach out to clients who can speak of your tanning salon services and provide testimonials. Tell them what a review of your tanning salon would mean to you and the future of your tanning salon.

In addition of asking for reviews on google, also have customers leave reviews for your Facebook, Yelp or any review sites. Easily send review links out with Tan-Link from the customer profile. 

The better your reviews, the higher you’ll rate.

Secure Local Backlinks

Domain authority is a ranking system to show how well a website is likely to rank. Essentially DA is a scoring system that forecasts a website’s performance in search engine results. The higher the score, the better your domain authority.

One of the ways you can improve your domain authority is to secure backlinks. Backlinks are links on other websites that link BACK to your website. These links are like “votes” to say your site is fantastic.

There are many ways to obtain backlinks. For tanning salon SEO purposes, you’re going to want to hone in on other, non-competitive local businesses in the area.

Social Shares

In addition to backlinks, another way to quickly enhance your backlinks organically is to have members share your website on social media. This will also help your tanning salon quickly get brand exposure at the same time.

These social shares will also help increase your domain authority as they work as an organic backlink. 

Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software can help your business increase your review capabilities by sending out direct review links to customers you believe will leave a positive review!

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