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Empower Your Business with Tan-Link’s Client Profile Builder

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Empower Your Business with Tan-Link's Client Profile Builder

Craft Custom Questionnaires to Understand Customer Needs and Tailor Your Offerings. Easily Access Client Responses to Personalized Questions for Informed Sales Discussions.

Tan-Link's Client Profile Builder offers multiple convenient methods for collecting customer information to suit various salon scenarios:

Customer Self-Service: During busy salon hours, you can simply hand a tablet or device with the Client Profile Builder to the customer. They can fill out their profile independently while waiting, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free process.

Dedicated Sign-Up Section: For new customers, you can designate a specific area or station within your salon where they can start the sign-up process. This dedicated section provides a comfortable and organized space for new clients to input their information.

Assisted Sign-Up with Salon Tours: Your employees can offer a personalized touch by giving new customers a tour of your salon while simultaneously collecting the necessary information. This approach enhances the customer experience, making them feel welcomed and attended to from the moment they walk in.

Tablet Integration: Simplify the onboarding process further by utilizing our tablet integration. Add the link https://sitename.tan-link.com/Kiosk.php and customize the ‘New Account Customer Facing’ feature under Kiosk settings on your tablet.

These flexible options cater to the diverse needs and preferences of your customers, ensuring that you can efficiently capture their information regardless of the salon’s level of activity. By offering a seamless and customer-centric onboarding process, you not only gather vital data but also create a positive first impression that can lead to long-lasting customer relationships.

Client Profile Builder Setup

Client Profile Builder Tanning Software
Tan-Link Software Customer Account

Utilize Tan-Links Client Profile Builder to capture customers information and ask all the right questions! The Custom Questionnaire you create can help you or your staff understand what you are going to sell to customer. Knowing their needs or potential needs will assist in knowing what to present or discuss.

From General Settings you can use the template questions or edit them to create your own. When new customers arrive, you can have them signup and create their own profile using the builder and it will then allow them to answer all of the questions. You can then pull the client up and view the answers to all of your questions from their newly created profile.

On your tablet, you can add a link https://sitename.tan-link.com/Kiosk.php and edit under Kiosk: New Account Customer Facing feature.

Client Profile Builder
Client Profile Builder


Unlock Customer Insights and Tailored Services with Tan-Link’s Client Profile Builder. Create Custom Questionnaires, Streamline Onboarding, and Enhance Customer Engagement Today!

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Table of Contents