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Empower Your Customers with a Customer Portal

Empower Your Customers with a Customer Portal (TL App): Seamless Account Management and Interaction

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Empower your customers with seamless access to their accounts, appointment scheduling, exclusive deals, and more. Elevate their experience and build stronger connections today!

Automatically send the link to your customer or send it directly for a more exclusive feel.

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Here is what you can do with the customer portal (TL App):

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Comprehensive Account Insights:
  • Last 5 Tans: Peek into their recent tanning history, keeping them informed about their sessions.
  • Package Details: Display their current package, its type, and specifics for a clear understanding.
  • Next Draft Date: View the upcoming payment date for seamless financial planning.
  • Draft Amount: Preview the exact deduction from their account on the next draft.
  • Remaining Sessions: Keep track of the remaining sessions in their package.
Curbside Convenience:
  • Curbside Check-In: Cut down wait times with self-check-in for curbside services, streamlining the process.
Hassle-Free Appointments:
  • Book Appointments: Effortlessly schedule visits to your salon right from the app, ensuring smooth planning.
Access to Your Shop:
  • Online Shop: Browse, select, and purchase products, packages, and exclusive deals from your online store.
Billing and Payments Made Easy:
  • Update Billing: Manage billing details seamlessly, ensuring accuracy.
  • Pay Past Due: Conveniently settle any pending payments for a hassle-free experience.
Location Information:
  • Store Hours and Directions: Find operating hours and directions to your salon(s) without a hitch.
Stay Informed:
  • Join Text Club: Opt into your text club, receive updates, promotions, and vital notifications

Elevate Customer Experience with the Customer Portal (TL App):

By putting these powerful features in the hands of your customers, you’re delivering unparalleled convenience and accessibility. The Customer Portal (TL App) transforms account management, appointment scheduling, and interaction, culminating in elevated customer satisfaction and engagement. Empower your clients with the Customer Portal (TL App) today and watch their salon experience reach new heights.

Table of Contents

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