EFT Payments

Billing your members can be a painful mess, but it doesn't have to be with our tanning software.

  • Avoid losing revenue to payment failures – our billing system tries to automatically resolve billing issues with re-billing and text notifications to your members.
  • Take full control of your EFT billing with our on-demand, scheduled, and recurring payment features.
  • Enable credit card updater on your EFT billing to help prevent future failed payments, or having to worry about expiring cardss. 


Credit-Card Processing, ACH, Automatic EFT Payments, Monthly Draft Reports & More!

Automatically Run Your EFT Payments

Quickly allow your salon to automatically process EFTs after customers are signed up. Tan-Link software will run all of your EFT payments automatically without you having to do anything. Set your EFT drafts to daily, 1st or 15th or 1st and 15th billing dates.

Online Member Payments and Notifications

Get back to doing what you really love. Members can pay their failed payments and update their payment information online through a secure payment link or through their member portal, reducing overhead and payment resolution time.

Members are also notified when payments fail by text, allowing them to resolve it immediately online, or reach out to the salon.

Collect EFT Tanning Salon

Easily Check On Past Due Customers

If members have a failed payment they are automatically placed on a list for you to easily follow up with right within your Tan-Link account. Collection and past-due members will not be able to tan until they become current. 

Powerful EFT Billing Reports

See the entire picture of your tanning salon finances with easy reports from scheduled revenue, monthly income, overdue payments, and more with one software. Also, you can elect to receive a daily email report on charged and failed tan salon eft payments, to keep on top of the day-to-day billing situation at your tanning salon.

In addition, use our draft reports to see how much revenue you are making per tan on each EFT Package, not to mention a report to see your top EFT tanners. 

EFT payments come in a number of different forms and come with all the benefits associated with electronic banking and payments. The most common form of EFT payments are from ACH, Debit or Credit Cards. Most EFT payments in tanning salons are used for monthly recurring payments for a membership. 

Tan-Link will allow your tanning salon to easily track all of your EFT payments in one software. In addition, all of your failed EFT payments will funnel into one report and allow for redrafts, and a simple list of failed payments of members.

Automate EFT Payments


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