Modern software to streamline and automate your tanning salon

Robust tanning salon software that easily handles your day-to-day operations while providing key insight for your salon.

tanning salon retention

Organize your tanning salon, staff and schedule with one feature-rich management software

Customer Management

Easily access client information

Every customer interaction feels personal when your tan salon staff can quickly pull up customer profiles, preferences, and payment details during their visit. Plus, your tanning salon software streamlines check-ins with the ability to set tanning beds.

Staff Schedule

Simple staff management

Organize your staff schedules & shifts in the same place and give everyone access to view their schedule. Meanwhile, let Tan-LInk tanning salon software provide flexible compensation formats and calculating your staff pay.

Tanning Salon Appointments

Access to easy appointment bookings

Create more bookings by putting your appointment schedule online, through the Tan-Link app or your branded app. Allow your members to easily book appointments.


All web-based software

Tan-Link software provides remote access for your entire tanning salon account from wherever you have internet access. Plus, utilize your software if your internet goes down and run offline mode, have a backup site, and much more!


The metrics and insights you need

Use your tanning salon software to run intelligent, real-time reports that help understand data so you can measure the salon performance, putting resources in the right places, develop a budget, and make decisions that optimize your business. And with built-in reports for inventory management, expiring cards, and online bookings, you’ll always stay one step ahead of the curve.

Simple tanning salon POS

Provide your tanning salon an integrated POS. With card and tip preferences on file, they can pay via credit card, gift card, or sell memberships and that give you automatic recurring revenue—and every sale is tracked in your software.


Software easy for your staff

Empower your staff to perform their day-to-day tasks easily. With our easy-to-use tanning salon software, they can manage their appointments, check-in members clients, and upsell retail products and add-ons. 

Management Equipment

Keep track of your equipment

Utilize your tanning salon software to keep track of your equipment, from hours for maintenance, type of bulbs to revenue per bed. 



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