Track Members

100% online tanning salon member management software - accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • We empower you to ditch the spreadsheet and pen-and-paper and save countless hours of frustration with our awesome tanning salon software, so you can focus on your growing your business.
  • Keep track of tanning history, packages, purchases, agreements, waivers, resolve billing issues and see attendance and much more! all from one software.

  • It’s simple, intuitive, and has everything you need to run your tanning salon efficiently. 

Quickly keep track of all members packages, sessions, billing tanning history and much more!

Manage your members, payments and track attendance from one place

Track all of your members’ information, easily accessible at your salon, laptop, or mobile device. 

Tanning salon software on steroids. Update member information quickly, identify billing issues at a glance and easily keep track of packages, sessions, tanning history, product purchases & much more.

Digital Waivers & Agreements

Your Tan-Link software allows members to sign various waivers and agreements at the front desk via an iPad.

The following agreements in the system are attached to features in Tan-Link, and the Agreement tag should not be changed as they will automatically be pulled when an event occurs in the software.  For instance:  Updating Billing Info, Auto Billing, Freezing, Un Freezing, Cancelling, Membership Change – Upgrading or Downgrading.


Keep Track of Tanning History

Whether you have one location or multiple locations, easily keep track of your member’s tanning history. Tan-Link will quickly help you keep track of all the members at your tanning salon(s) with just one software.

Easily Manage & Track Members


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