Easily Take Payments Directly Through Your Software.

Manage recurring and pos payments in the same place – online and at the front desk.

Payments Tanning Salon POS

Simplify your Tanning Salon POS Transactions, Easily Control Inventory and Automate your Membership Billing

Handle all of your payments in your software

Streamline your operations and reporting processes by allowing every transaction to process through one powerful tanning salon pos software. Easily accept credit cards and store payment information on file with Tan-Link.

Easily collect more EFT's

Allow your tanning salon software to automatically collect failed EFT membership payments by a text automation. Not to mention utilize a credit card updater to help streamline cash flow, member retention and loyalty. 

Collect EFT Tanning Salon

Simplify payments for your team

Avoid having to manually charge every card or each batch and allow your tanning salon software to collect membership fees by setting up recurring payments that are collected automatically. 

Track every detail

Instantly view every client’s payment history, track your revenue with intelligent reports, and quickly spot trends in your sales numbers at your tanning salon.

Tanning Salon

Sell online without a website

Start collecting more revenue by easily selling products, memberships, or packages online. Everything is integrated into your tanning salon pos to make your online sales streamlined.

Tanning Salon Upgrading Memberships

Built in loyalty and member discounts

Increase customer retention by creating a simple loyalty program for members to enjoy, not to mention offer discounts on certain products or services based on membership level, all within your tanning salon pos.



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