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Finding The Best Tanning Salon Software

Finding The Best Tanning Salon Software


Want your skin to stand out with a flawless tan?

According to research, both women and men find tanned skin more attractive than a pale one. With the help of tanning salons, getting a sun-kissed tan is easy, even during the winter months and rainy days.

But what is the magic inside of the tanning salon keeping everything together? Are you worried about the mismanagement of products, sessions, or even missing money?

Need For Tanning Salon Software

Along with managing the day-to-day salon schedules, maximizing the loyalty to your brand is something that you should be hyper-focused on. Getting great feedback and increasing the satisfaction level of your customers is extremely important. Having a constant, regular connection with your customers shows that you care. You just need a great tanning salon software to have your back.

Manage your Tanning Salon Smarter

This is where Tan-Link comes in – we are your behind-the-scenes management. Not only will this salon software look after your inventory, track your salon’s sales, tans, appointments, employee time cards, commission, and schedule, contact your customers and staff, but you will have access from desktop or mobile any time, anywhere, and from almost any device.

More Lucrative Opportunities 

If your tanning salon wants to thrive, you will need to focus on packages, automatic Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) for memberships, rewards, and deals, and Tan-Link tanning software has all of these options (and more!) for you included.

Software With Online Booking

When choosing a tanning salon software company, you should make sure that the company can enable you to book appointments, whether it be online or in-person. Tan-Link allows both methods of making appointments, with a customer portal app where they can also create their own appointment easily, as well as track scheduled appointment times.

Marketing to your Customers

Social Media may be the first thing that you think of when it comes to marketing, and while it is great for marketing to new customers, what are you doing for your existing customers? Sure, social media makes it easy to communicate with your customers, and even bring in new customers, but can it help you remember to send an automated text message wishing your existing customers “Happy Birthday! Stop in for a free tan!” or let them know that they have sessions soon to expire?

Did you know that the recent generations are more likely to check a text message than they are an email or log onto social media? With Tan-Link, you have the ability to choose groups of customers and market to those customers directly with specials and deals that are pertinent to their membership or trends. In addition to text marketing, you can opt to have a 2-way texting number directly implemented into your Tan-Link tanning software system so that communication with these customers is quick and easy.

Of course, behind every good tanning salon is a great email marketing campaign, and with Tan-Link’s ability to integrate with MailChimp, you will be able to import your email addresses automatically into MailChimp to send beautiful emails with tracking abilities.

Managing Your Brand Reputation

Great tanning salon owners are heavily involved in tracking their numbers and trends, and Tan-Link is not only accessible from anywhere, any time, and from virtually any device but on the main screen you can see most of the important numbers to track how your salon is doing. The reporting is above and beyond in Tan-Link, where you can see everything from packages sold, products sold, how frequently your customers are using their memberships, and so much more. In addition to having an efficient at-a-glance dashboard, you can opt-in for a nightly email with all of your tanning salons numbers in a side-by-side comparison to the year before.

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