Tan-Link Hardware

Check out our hardware options for your tanning salon. 

Automate Your Salon With Smart Plugs
  • Replace your salon door lock with an electronic lock controlled by TL and never worry about access issues again. Employees can simply login to the TL app and unlock the door by clicking on the UNLOCK STORE button being near the door. Allow similar access to your members to access your salon  by allowing them the same option from the App to unlock and enter. Easily change access for employees or guests from their account page at any time.
  • Easily unlock your salon from your phone or desktop. Simply click on the two lock icons to control if your door is to stay locked, stay unlocked, or unlock briefly (timed unlock) to allow someone to enter and then lock the door behind them.
  • You can also set the lock to automatically follow your salons schedule and unlock/lock at your opening and closing times.
  • Connect a plug behind your open sign and view/control the open sign  from your phone or desktop. See if its On/Off and turn it On/Off by clicking on it. If staff is expected to turn it on and forget to do so, you can also connect the open sign to your salon schedule and then not worry about the staff turning it On at opening and Off at closing.
  • Wirelessly control any Bed or Equipment including most equipment currently controlled by T-Max and most equipment not on T-max. This includes equipment like Poly Redlight, Coccoon, Teeth whitening, Massage Chairs, Yoga Mats, Sauanas, Redlight Gyms like iGyms, etc. Set any equipment to automatically turn On/Off with the salon schedule.
  • No wiring, no physical plates to install in the rooms. The plugs control the bed similar to T-max and the wait time on equipment can be set as well. The customer can start the equipment within the waiting period by logging into the TL App and starting it from there immediately.
  • Control any other devices in the rooms such as Aroma Therapy, or even allow your to remotely reset your T-Max manager or Computer (for unattended/24 hour access purposes).
Set the mood with TL Smart Bulbs.
  • Create the perfect mood and ambiance your rooms need by replacing your existing bulbs with these Smart Bulbs. 
  • Set bulbs to any of the thousands of shades available when the guest enters the room, and start aroma therapy, accent lighting, music or any other devices in the room.
  • Set the lights to turn to the right mood color automatically when the equipment is set from TL. Turn the lights back on to white light when the session has ended.
  • Group any number of bulbs and plugs together and turn them all on and off at the same time, when the session is set for that room. 

Location services must be enabled on the device and within 20 feet of the door to allow it to be unlocked.

The TL App unlock will only work during the salon’s business hours. The unlock from the desktop or phone will allow the staff to unlock the door outside of those hours as necessary.

Yes, you can select the locations a member has access to under Membership Details on their account.

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