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How does Tan-Link make your Tanning Salon Business Management Easy!

How does Tan-Link make your Tanning Salon Business Management Easy!

If you own a tanning salon, you know it can difficult to oversee everything all at once? What if you had a tanning salon business software solution to help streamline and organize your business operations? 

Tan-Link is an easy-to-use tanning salon management software. The software is professionally and specifically created to make your tanning salon management life easier and more flexible. Also, it is constantly developed. 

Accessible to All!

Tan-Link is an all-in-one software oriented to providing complete accessibility for all users. Allow you to use from a single console without constantly moving around to get many things done.

Provides you with remarkable accessibility features! 

Entirely versatile for that specific tanning salon’s operating routine and user’s preferences.

Functionality For Your Business

One vital aspect that is a deal-maker for tan salon management software is how the software functions. The software’s functionality allows the user/buyer to maximize usability and efficiency. The more functionality it offers to tan salons’ specificity, the more value it creates for salon owners.

Tan-Link gives you the upper hand by providing more functionality than other tanning salon software vendors.


Tan-Link is the most flexible tan software on the market, allowing all tanning salons, whether small, large, multi-location, or franchise, to implement their business processes with scale. The software allows for different access levels, multiple business processes, and much more to meet your operational needs. 

Web-Based Software

Tan-Link has a built management mainframe connecting to multiple servers versus downloaded software. Therefore its dynamic nature and maintenance-free usage allow for easy updates—no more downloading software and saving data manually to your hard drive. 

Constantly Updating

Because the Tan-Link tan salon software is web-based, updating the software with new features is more manageable. This allows for greater flexibility to add additional features or customize for each specific tanning salon.  

Security Levels

Not only is it better, effective, and quick, but also to-the-point, accurate, but Tan-Link software will keep track of all access levels and any account changes made to a customer’s accounts. Allow staff members different levels of access. 

Why is it so necessary to use efficient tanning salon management software?

With progressing technological developments each day, modern resources need to increase to adapt to successful business processes. Resources are used to manage and execute operations with higher efficiency. Following suit, tanning salons also need contemporary resources to manage and supervise. 

Supervising the regular sessions and elements be one’s self can be a handful. Tanning Management Software provides you with ease of mind. One also benefits from the thought of implementing various tasks from a desk in just a mere click instead of observing every detail in person.

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