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How To Sell EFT Memberships At Your Tanning Salon

How To Sell EFT Memberships At Your Tanning Salon

If I had to guess, you own a tanning and spa business because of your passion for health and desire to help people, not just sell memberships. If that’s the case, most of the tasks associated with being a business owner feel like a complete pain and time-consuming. Like sales. Let’s be clear: if you want your tanning salon business to thrive, you will have to know how to sell tanning salon EFT memberships.

With that in mind, one of the widespread misconceptions is you do not need to develop some slick, “close ’em every time” pitch. It would help if you weren’t pitching at all. Your salon will genuinely become successful by not necessarily selling but by listening to prospective customers.

This probably sounds simple, but hear me out. This approach is based on simple public research on how customers like to buy. Trying to sell or pitch puts people on the immediate defensive – and most people do not want to be sold. On the other side, asking questions helps draw customers in – they want to buy. Importantly, by listening to your prospective customers, you’ll quickly understand the personal aspects of their tanning or health goals. Within the process, you’ll build trust and demonstrate that you’re invested in their success. 

An example of how it usually goes:

The prospect: “I want to get a tan.”

You: “That’s great! We can help you get a tan, and you’ll want these other products and services to get you there faster!”

Whoa! Slow. Down.

Consider asking these questions instead:

  1. Why do you want to get a tan?
  2. How do you want to make the change?
  3. Once you are tan, how would it change you?
  4. Are you limited in some way right now?
  5. What is your experience with tanning?
  6. What do you feel will be the biggest challenge you’ll face?
  7. Why is obtaining a tan a goal?

Do you see why listening is so essential? Most people hear a familiar problem and assume that the problem is the same and start pitching before learning or understanding anything about the person they’re speaking with. They go into sell mode too soon, which can be a significant turnoff or problem for potential customers.

Instead of selling, spend some time learning how to have great conversations and connect. Start training your staff on how to interact with your prospective customers. Share examples of specific questions with your staff members that they should be asking. In addition, you can role-play these conversations with your staff members so you can hone your skills together.

Now You Know How To Sell Tanning Memberships!

The bottom line for sales success? Ask great questions and listen to the responses! From here, you can start upselling customers on additional services or products you think would help!

Schedule a FREE Demo of Tan-Link Software to see how selling is made easier for existing customers or new customers! In addition, our integration to Talent LMS helps your salon create training guides and much more to help your salon thrive! 

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