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Tan-Link Online Store: Elevate Your Tanning Salon's Sales and Convenience

Experience the future of tanning salon retail with the Tan-Link Online Store. Revolutionize the way you do business by offering a seamless and convenient shopping experience to your clients, both within and beyond your salon’s walls.

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24/7 Accessibility

Empower your clients to shop at their convenience. With the online store, they can browse, select, and purchase products, packages, and memberships anytime, even after business hours.

Expanded Reach

Extend your market reach beyond your physical location. Clients can purchase from anywhere, enhancing your salon's visibility and sales potential, all within your software.

Effortless Setup

Seamlessly integrate or link the online store into or use as an extension of your website. No redirects are needed; clients can complete transactions directly on your site.

The Benefits Of An Online Store For Your Tanning Salon

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Selling Online: Unlocking New Sales Opportunities

Expand your tanning salon’s horizons and maximize revenue with Tan-Link’s powerful online store. Don’t let potential sales slip away when clients aren’t physically present in your salon. Our comprehensive online store enables you to drive sales 24/7, even after business hours.
With Tan-Link’s online store, the possibilities are endless:

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How The Tan-Link Software Works With The Online Store

Elevate Your Sales Management With Tan-Link Online Store

Don’t just sell products; offer a comprehensive and unified experience to your customers. The Tan-Link Online Store’s seamless integration ensures that every sale is effortlessly managed within your salon’s operations. Embrace this innovative solution and witness the transformation in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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