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Retain EFTs like a champ with Tan-Link Chatbot

Retain EFTs like a champ with Tan-Link Chatbot

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The combination of automated freeze handling and manual review for cancellations through the Tan-Link Chatbot provides a flexible and efficient approach to managing EFT requests. Customers can easily interact with the Chatbot to freeze their memberships temporarily while your staff carefully reviews cancellations to maintain proper control and ensure a smooth process.
The Tan-Link Chatbot makes handling EFT freeze and cancel requests a breeze. Customers can access the Chatbot directly on your website or online store and navigate the freeze or cancellation process effortlessly. Here’s how it works and giving the customer two options:
tan-link software eft chat bot freeze option

Freeze Option

When a customer chooses to freeze their membership, the Chatbot will automatically process the request. Customers can specify the duration they wish to freeze, and the Chatbot will adjust their account accordingly. This means that the membership will be temporarily paused for the specified number of months, and the membership dates will be updated accordingly.(pending review)

tan-link software eft chat bot freeze option

Cancel Option

In the case of a cancellation request, the Chatbot will capture the customer's request and forward it as a sticky note (message) to the designated login name or staff member noted in the Chatbot's options. Unlike the automatic freeze option, the Chatbot does not automatically process cancellations unless the setting is applied. Instead, the request is forwarded to your staff for manual review and adjustment. This lets you handle the cancellation personally, ensuring that it aligns with your salon's policies and procedures.

What are the benefits of retention for using the Chatbot?

Streamlined Online Request Management: The Chatbot automates the entire process, making it convenient for your customers to initiate EFT freeze or cancel requests with just a few clicks.
User-Friendly Interface: Tan-Link’s Chatbot offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers as they interact with it.
EFT Freeze Option: Customers can select the EFT freeze option, specifying the duration they wish to freeze their memberships. The Chatbot will automatically process the request, adjusting membership dates accordingly.
EFT Cancel Option: If a customer chooses to cancel their EFT membership, the Chatbot will capture the request and forward it to your staff as a sticky note (message). This allows you to review and manually process the cancellation, ensuring proper handling. Or have this canceled automatically based on settings.
Retention-Oriented Approach: By promoting the freeze option over cancellation, the Chatbot encourages customers to pause their memberships rather than cancel outright temporarily. This retention-oriented strategy helps preserve the customer account.
Accurate Tracking and Recording: Every EFT freeze and cancel request submitted through the Chatbot is meticulously tracked and recorded. This ensures transparent and error-free billing processes.
Seamless Integration: The Chatbot seamlessly integrates with your website or online store, providing a cohesive and professional user experience for your customers.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With the Chatbot’s ease of use and quick processing, customers will appreciate the convenience of managing their memberships online.
By employing the Tan-Link Chatbot, you empower your customers to take control of their memberships while improving the efficiency and accuracy of managing EFT requests. The retention-oriented approach encourages customers to maintain their connection to your tanning salon, fostering long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

Table of Contents

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