I am personally not a sales person. I can’t sell.

But what I have learned is that if you have a process that your staff can follow, almost anyone motivated enough can be taught to sell.

The process of selling is really 3-steps:

  1. Identify the need: A darker/deeper tan, smoother/silkier skin, longer lasting color, ..
  2. Address the need: Present (limited) selection of services/products to the customer to cater to that need. Present no more than 3 options to choose from, the more choices you offer the more you could end up confusing the customer.
  3. Help them choose: Once the customer has had a chance to review all options, it is critical to help them choose. Do so by eliminating their choices – take away ones they are iffy about, and leave the one they prefer right on the counter as you ring up the sale.

The third step, probably the most critical step, is where most people falter. Master that step and you will raise your sales dramatically.



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