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Simple Tip To Increase Referrals & Brand Awareness For Your Tanning Salon

Simple Tip To Increase Referrals & Brand Awareness For Your Tanning Salon 

According to Qualtrics, 93% of consumers trust online reviews  as much as personal recommendations. Increasing online presence from reviews, social shares, and check-ins should be an essential piece of marketing and branding for any tanning salon! Let’s focus on promoting check-ins on Facebook to help increase referral & brand awareness for your tanning salon. 

Suppose someone uses the Check-In function on Facebook when they visit your tanning salon business. In that case, they are essentially telling all of their friends on social media that they are currently at and enjoying your tanning services or products. The results are free advertising, increased brand awareness, and is essentially an endorsement from that user. That’s why the more check-ins you can obtain, the more exposure you will create for your tanning salon.

Checking in to a business on Facebook is an effortless thing to do for anyone with a smartphone, which about 98% of Facebook users have. When someone visits your tanning salon business, they can search and find your company on Facebook and click the “Check-In” button.

With this kind of exposure, you need to make sure that your Facebook company page is up-to-date and inviting for potential clients.

How To Get Customers To Check In At Your Tanning Salon On Facebook 

Offer Incentives

One way to ensure that members check in when they come to your tanning salon is to offer an incentive. For example, offer in-store account money or a coupon to anyone checking in. Similarly, you can offer deals to returning customers who check in on Facebook.

Promote in Multiple Ways

It may make sense initially to promote the check-in deal or promotion on Facebook, but remember that you can reach people in many different ways. Have your staff let your members know. You can also have the informational display at the front desk.

Get Check-Ins Organically

Sometimes your customers will check-in at your tanning salon for essentially no incentive at all. This typically happens when a salon has a strong brand or social media presence. Usually, if someone is checking in to your tanning salon, it is because they either had a great experience or love your services. So, obviously, as a tanning salon owner, you want to do what you can to ensure it’s a great experience.

Every touching point of marketing exposure can lead to your tanning salon populating newsfeeds and timelines all over the Facebook community. 

Learn how to turn check-ins on or off for your business; click here.

Free publicity and marketing are always beneficial for your salon, and as a proactive business, you want to make the most of it!

Using a simple promotion to increase more customers checking into your tanning salon can not only help increase brand marketing, but it also will help increase sales, new members, and much more! Using Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software can help implement some of these programs by simply sending a text out for a promotion or adding in-store account money as an incentive.


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