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Simplify Your Tanning Salon Check-In Process

Simplify Your Tanning Salon Check-In Process

For most tanning salons, the members’ check-in process is an essential part of running a smooth operation. It is also crucial to create a straightforward tan salon check-in process to track your member’s attendance for various reporting reasons. Using a tanning salon software that provides your salon an easy check-in process along with multiple ways to allow for members to check in will allow your tan salon to thrive. Plus, tan salon software will easily manage membership & package types for different levels of access. Not to mention, easy upgrade members for different service levels. 

Tanning Salon Check-In Capabilities 

Using excellent tanning salon software that offers an easy check-in process and the ability to upsell will give your salon a quick turnover and quickly increase revenue. Allow your salon to run multiple check-in kiosks at one time, enable waitlists, self-check-ins, and much more! Using a powerful tanning salon management software that offers easy member check-in, member cards, or a self-check-in system is the simplest way to help improve your tan salon check-in process and make it fast and pain-free for your members.

Check Members History In A Glance

With Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software, we provide your tanning salon with all the tools to track and check in members. This way, you can disallow access if the member has overdue fees or failed payments. To help manage the process, you should commit to a tanning salon management software that gives you complete detailed reporting so on the back end so staff can accurately view and print reports to track attendance by and which beds are generating the most revenue. With all the available data, you and your team will manage your members better and make informed decisions on how many members you can expect for particular equipment, days, time, etc. 

Upgrade Your Software To Accommodate 

If you’re looking for a more advanced setup to run your tanning salon, Tan-Link offers tan salon owners the ability to set up multiple check-in stations and a self-check-in feature. With this setup, you can eliminate the need for wait time for new customers and members while enhancing your tanning salon experience. 

Below are some tanning salon management tools that you should consider adding to help simplify your tan salon check-in process:

  • Easy Member Check-In

Easily search customer information to pull up their account, allowing your staff to preview their account to ensure all bills are current, membership type, specific equipment level access, etc. Click on the equipment the member would like to use and quickly set the bed. 

  • Multiple Check-In Stations

Utilize multiple computer stations to check in various members at once, ring up new customers, all without slowing down your check-in operations.  

  • Self Serve Check-In Kiosk

If you are in peak season and are having a ton of traffic, think about adding a check-in kiosk that will allow members to check themselves into beds. 

Schedule a demo of Tan-Link to check out how we can help streamline your check-in process.

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