Importance of EFT to Salon revenue

For a seasonal business like tanning salons, the monthly draft or EFT is probably the most critical number to watch. Why? Because when you are not in season, you have very few new customers walking through your doors. These customers … Read More

Maximizing EFT Revenue – Collecting Past Dues

If you have a solid set of EFT packages in your sales portfolio, you are already ahead of the game. I am a huge proponent of the value that EFT brings to your business and have discussed the topic various … Read More

Buy now, Pay Later – Autobill it!

Scenario #1: “Good choice on this lotion, did you want me to ring it up?” “How much is it?” “$97.” “Sorry I don’t have my wallet.”   Scenario #2: “Good choice on this lotion, did you want me to ring … Read More

Spruce up that EFT with a No Wait Guarantee

In a previous blog, I had discussed how a properly priced EFT package is critical to the success of our salons and how it benefits our bottom line during the off season where we are not seeing a lot of … Read More

EFT Declines – how to counter with Backup Billing

With all the credit card hacks that have plagued businesses recently, credit card processing is becoming more and more complicated. With EFT packages, we rely heavily on credit cards and whenever a customer cancels their card, we run the risk … Read More

Pricing an EFT package

This reminds me of the time I signed up for the $14.99 unlimited car wash. I am that guy who gets his car washed once a year, so when I saw the $14.99/month unlimited wash deal, I jumped on it. … Read More

Who Owns The Key

If you offer EFT memberships, you already know how valuable the EFT revenue is to the success of your business. Consider the scenario where your EFT revenue drops to zero. For my salon chain, that would be disastrous.   EFT … Read More

From LOL to WOW!

I came into tanning from a very different industry. I was an engineering manager for a technology company where I managed several teams of engineers. I thought this would be an easy gig. How hard could it be to manage … Read More

Employee No Shows

This happens. A lot. No matter how good your employment process is, no matter how diligent you are with the reference check, sooner or later you will have an employee who does not show up for their morning shift. If … Read More

Offer Value, NOT Discounts

We live in a world where discounts are expected to be given, and expected to be received. As a business owner, however, the most expensive thing you can offer your customer is a discount. By discounting your product or service, … Read More