Cancellations – What you can do to reduce them

Cancellations are part of our business. Customers cancel for various reasons, sometimes it’s within our control and sometimes its not. If the customer is moving, there is not a whole lot you can do to retain them unless you have … Read More

Selling is a Process

I am personally not a sales person. I can’t sell. But what I have learned is that if you have a process that your staff can follow, almost anyone motivated enough can be taught to sell. The process of selling … Read More

You are what you sell

Too many salons price their packages in a way that is simply not conducive to profitability. They have too many options to choose from which leaves the customer confused and unable to decide. Worse than that, this confusion causes the … Read More

Coins are not cash, right?

Just when you think you have heard everything, there comes an employee who proves you wrong. I had an employee whose cash at the end of the day did not appear to match what Tan-Link was showing she should have. … Read More

All paths lead to EFT

I’ve talked before about the importance of having a solid EFT revenue base in the salon. It is the single most important source of revenue for us, hands down, bar none. However, not every customer walking in is interested in … Read More

Retain the best; chuck the rest

We hear all the time that our employees are our best asset. That is true. But not always. If your business doesn’t have a good on-going way to evaluate how each member of the staff is performing, then you have … Read More