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Drive Your Business to the Next Level of Profitability with a Salon Management Software Integrated With POS System

Are you the proprietor of a spa /salon grappling with managing the business’s needs while catering to your customers’ requirements?

Generally, people do not understand how much time goes into operating a salon until running one. There is more to salon management than just providing people with the tanning treatments they need, although this is unquestionably the business’s core. It is possible to run the business better to improve the customer experience and thereby earn more revenue from each customer.

Being the owner of a spa/salon, you will be required to provide excellent service to your clients while guaranteeing profitability as well. The best run spa / salons are usually ones who’s owners adopt special software to manage their daily operations. The right Tanning Salon Software empowers you to do this while enhancing your bottom-line. Although the alternatives are infinite, one crucial area often neglected is the spa and salon pos system. It’s a vital part of most salon and spa operations and one that businesses can easily automate with salon management software.  

Savvy spa and salon owners could use Tanlink Salon Software to run their businesses more efficiently while focusing on keeping clients looking tanned and beautiful. It is possible to use the salon software to manage client history systematically so that you have up-to-date information about each client’s needs. This will be useful information to understand any drops in business so that the problems can be addressed while identifying the areas that have growth potential.

The Advantages of Tanning Salon Management Software

This robust salon management software expands the competence of the business and, consequently, the profitability. For instance, the scheduling process is much quicker, which intensifies a client’s experience and builds the chances of their returning. The software is also capable of automated follow-up, which boosts the chance of a client returning and remaining loyal. Reports are created automatically by the salon software and track the revenue created by the salon/spa on a daily basis.

Apart from these fatter margins, the additional merits of a spa solution are:

Time Management

The salon management software can receive and schedule appointments online, which means less time spent by attendants answering the telephone during their shift and more time spent on the customers in the salon. There are no interruptions and no time wasted on customer calls that seemingly never end. This provides better time management and better customer service.

Double Bookings

A standard error in spas and salons is double booking. When an employee is given the complicated task of scheduling appointments, mistakes tend to happen. A tanning salon software, on the other hand, is like a virtual assistant that stores all of the data needed, and prevents any errors in the booking of appointments, as the human factor is removed.

There will never be overlapping scheduling with a salon POS system that leads to a patron returning home disheartened.

Always Available

With our constantly evolving era, the possibilities of a client booking a spa or salon service overnight are drastically increasing. Tanning Salon Software provides this service to your customer. The software will allow appointments to be booked even while your salon is closed.  This will put you a step ahead of any competitors.


 A no-show is a revenue loss for every spa/salon, but, it does happen frequently.  This highly efficient salon management software will send a notification reminder to a client using the contact details on their account. This will help in lessening the count of no-shows utilizing both email and text. Since this whole procedure is automated, there is no need to assign the tasks of confirming bookings to any staff member.

Social Media Integration

Social connectivity has changed consumer behaviour. Clients now like to book a spa or salon right from where they are, which can mean Instagram, Facebook, or website. This advanced salon management software has the capability to link social media pages to your booking software. It means a random viewer who likes a tanned skin photo on any social media platform can book an appointment by simply clicking a button on the social networking site.

Tech-savvy Patrons 

Todays’ client is more likely to book a spa service online. The possibility that they will pick up a phone to call are minimal. In addition, customers prefer salons who have incorporated advanced technology into their place of business. A salon pos software offers both these capabilities. They let patrons schedule appointments online and prove the utilization of state-of-the-art-technology.

More Savings

Every single trait of a successful tanning salon software caters to saving time, money and resources because it does the tasks that an employee would be doing otherwise. A good POS software may also come with inventory management that alerts you on low stock and helps decide on which items to reorder.

Similarly, you can keep track of selling and what is lying on shelves gathering dust. The data can be reviewed to understand which spa services are in demand, and which are not being used.  One can’t deny that appropriating a leading-edge technology such as a tanning salon pos system is crucial to a spa or salon. They help manage the business better, give an edge over the competition, and aid in being up to date with every client’s modern demands.

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