In a previous blog, I had discussed how a properly priced EFT package is critical to the success of our salons and how it benefits our bottom line during the off season where we are not seeing a lot of new customers. Now that we are approaching season, it is all the more important to ensure that our staff is fully trained on the benefits of our EFT packages.

While pricing of the EFT package is an important aspect, it is not the price that is the ultimate deciding factor for the customer, but the value that you offer. For example, at Tan It All, our unlimited UV membership includes not just access to all the beds at that level of membership, but also a no wait guarantee. The way it works is if all beds at the member’s level are in-use/dirty, they get a free upgrade to the next level bed – no charge. The cost to us for the upgrade is minimal, but it does two things:

1. The customer is thrilled with the free upgrade without having to wait for their lower level bed.
2. The customer may have never paid to try a better bed; now they have an opportunity to do it for free. Guess what, if they love the bed this time, they are likely to want to upgrade to this bed next time. You have up-sold your service without really up-selling anything.

It’s a win-win situation where the customer walks away happy and will likely give you more business next time around, or upgrade their EFT package to include that bed.

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