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Streamline Check-Ins With Your Tanning Salon Software

Streamline Check-Ins With Your Tanning Salon Software

Is your tanning salon looking to streamline your check-in process to make them quicker and more efficient? 

Easily streamline your check-in process by implementing your member’s Kiosk ID right within your tanning salon software. Asking for your customer’s or member’s names every time they come in can slow down your operation. Implementing a Kiosk ID in the member’s account right within your software can help streamline your check-in process by immediately pulling up the customer’s account just by scanning a key card or key tag. 

Benefits Of Streamlining Your Check-Ins With The Kiosk ID

Improve Operational Efficiency 

By implementing the Kiosk ID capabilities in your software account, you scan the member’s key card to pull up their account versus asking for a name every time. Thus, improving the efficiencies for checking your members in, especially during peak times. Not to mention, your staff will have more time to focus on other tasks, from upselling, signing up new members, etc. 

Increase Customer Engagement & Experience

It is tough to keep track of all of your members by name, and sometimes names can be challenging to pronounce. Using the Kiosk ID in your tanning salon software can help not only bridge that gap but also speed up the check-in process for your member. Quickly enough, your staff can focus on connecting with the member versus asking their name. Thus, helping to increase customer engagement & experience. 

Tanning Salon Software For Kiosk ID To Streamline Check-Ins.

Tan-Link Software will allow your tanning salon to scan member key cards to help enhance your check-in capabilities by improving operations and increasing customer engagement & experience. 

Enable the Kiosk ID in your customers within your Tan-Link Software. Scan the member’s key card or key tag to save on their profile and start scanning their card when they come to your tanning salon. If you need key cards or key tags for your tanning salon, check out our partners, Plastic Printers .

Start using your tanning salon software to streamline and automate your business. Upgrade your tan salon and impress your members. 

Schedule a FREE demo of Tan-Link. Software built for your Tanning Salon.

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