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Tan-Link Basecamp Integration

Tan-Link has several integration options. One option is Basecamp, a real-time communication tool that helps teams stay on the same page. Basecamp provides a way for teams to keep track of priorities and actionable it with to-do lists, calendaring, due dates, and file-sharing. In addition to all of these features, Tan-Link has also developed quick notifications for end-of-day reporting. The following notifications are currently available:
  • Freeze: Notification when someone freezes an account in-store or online.
  • Unfreeze: Notification when someone unfreezes an account.
  • Cancel: Notification when someone cancels an account.
  • Monthly Draft: Summary of today’s draft run.
  • Automatic Reports – [New Customers]: New customers that came in yesterday.
  • Automatic Reports – [New Account With No Sale]: Accounts created yesterday with no sale.
  • Automatic Reports – [New Account With No Tans]: Accounts created yesterday with no services.
  • Automatic Reports – [Account Notes]: Account notes from yesterday.
  • Automatic Reports – [Account Changes]: Account changes from yesterday.
  • Automatic Reports – [Accounts On Hold]: Accounts currently ON HOLD.
  • Automatic Reports – [Checklist Items]: Checklist items from yesterday that require responses.
  • Automatic Reports – [Product Inventory Mismatch Report]: Summary of mismatches from automated inventory counting system.
  • Automatic Reports – [Exclude From Missed Opps]: Accounts currently excluded from being counted as a missed opportunity for EFT sale.
  • Automatic Reports – [Missing Time Clocks]: Timeclock errors or extra/missing time clocks.
  • Automatic Reports – [Stock Receive Mismatch]: For multi-location salons, this report is the mismatch of stock shipped and received.
  • Automatic Reports – [Repeat Decline List]: These are accounts that have declined for 3 or more times.
  • Automatic Reports – [Inventory Mismatch Warning]: When an item is counted.
  • Automatic Reports – [Incoming Text Notification]: Forward first incoming text from the customer that day.
  • Automatic Reports – [Appointment Notification]: Notification of incoming appointment.
  • Automatic Reports – [Ledger Notification]: Summary of ledger being closed.
  • Automatic Reports – [Missed Checkin Alert]: Checkin monitoring system alert on missed checkin.
  • Automatic Reports – [Online Membership Sale]: Notification of EFT sale online.
See the options below for what can be assigned to Basecamp rather than receiving sticky notes (envelope icon on your Tan-Link home page.    
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