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Tan-Link New Integration To Talent LMS

Tan-Link New Integration To Talent LMS 

Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software integrated to Talent LMS to help tanning salon owners onboard new hires, help train staff, and much more! 

Integrating Talent LMS in Tan-Link will help bring together all training tools and materials in one convenient software. Start building a more competent organization and the team at your tanning salon by setting foundational training courses designed to help your staff grow. Start implementing an easy onboarding program to hire and train new team members efficiently. Consistently improve team members’ product knowledge, sales protocols, and operational procedures. 

Within your Tan-Link Software account, your staff will be able to easily access their continuing education courses, new hire documentation, test quizzes, and much more! All of your tests and courses are displayed back into your software right under each staff member’s profile so you can see who has completed each one or see the percentage completed.

What is Talent LMS? 

Talent LMS is a training an intuitive training platform that helps teams and organizations. Easily allowing companies to create and brand digital training documents, manuals, procedures, processes, and much more! Simplify, employee training, onboarding training, compliance training, sales training, comprehensive guides, etc. If you are looking to streamline your staff at your tanning salon, this is a great tool to use.


Benefits of Talent LMS for your Tanning Salon

There are many benefits of having this integration in your software, which includes:

  • Easily Streamline Onboarding of New Hires
  • Continuing Education for Employees
  • Easily Track Employee Completion for Courses or Tests
  • Eliminate Paper Training Material


Talent LMS and Tan-Link Software will allow your Tanning Salon to streamline your new hire procedures, improve continuing education, and more! Learn more about Talent LMS. 

Schedule a free demo of Tan-Link Software to understand how we can help your tanning salon today!


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