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Tan-Link Software Feature Release New Employee Commission Settings

Tan-Link Software Feature Release New Employee Commission Settings

Every tanning salon operates differently, and so does every employee at your salon. As a salon owner, you want your employees to perform to maximize revenue per member and have them make some additional money in exchange for their hard work. Use your software to easily keep track of your employee’s commissions and performance. Check out three keys to building an effective commission plan here

Below are the two new features that Tan-Link has released so your tanning salon can add more value to your employees. 

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Bonus/Commission Setting Per Employee:

This new setting allows you to pay different bonus percentages on package sales to different level employees. 

Example: Commission can be quickly set to $5 on the sale of an EFT package, but the employee’s paid percentage will dictate their actual payout. In this case, Brittany (100%) would receive $5 for each EFT sold. Adrian (50%) would receive $2.50 for each EFT sold. 

The commission percentage is a great way to create different roles within your tanning salon, in terms of your staff taking on more responsibility, such as a Manager (100%), Assistant Manager (75%), or just Employee (50%). 

Tier Based Commission Setting:

Tan-Link created a two-tier based structure if your tanning salon focuses on PPCA and MCP. 

Example:  If staff’s MCP is 50% or higher, the employee is paid 100% of services’ bonus/commission. If the employee’s MCP is under 50%, they are paid 50% of the services’ bonus/commission. 

This two-tiered-based approach is a great way to incentivize your staff members to achieve their goals for your tanning salon and maximize their commission every month. 

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