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Connect Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software with TMAX

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Quickly Connect TMAX To Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software

Set Beds

Quick Installation​

Usually, if you already have this, then your USB serial connection is already present. The link to your software account is straightforward, and most of the time, we can use existing equipment. Most of the time, an upgrade to your USB serial connection will do the trick.

Set Beds Directly From Tan-Link

Connecting directly to Tan-Link will allow your salon to set beds directly from your software account to help streamline checking.

Manage your tanning beds or booths with T-Max Timer through Tan-Link software. Set maximum tan durations, lead-in times, track usage, and much more!

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Applied digital

Applied Digital TMAX Timers Tanning Salon Software

Applied Digital sells and provides Timers for Tanning Salons and works with a variety of tanning salon software.

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