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Tan-Link Software + Learning Management System

Tan-Link New Feature + Learning Management System (Talent LMS)

We all know hiring staff members is a considerable challenge, not to mention the time and effort to onboard a new employee. Training employees to help increase sales, understand procedures, or improve their product knowledge can also be a burden. 

What if it was easier to manage, organize and train your staff? 

Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software + Staff Talent LMS Software

A staff learning management system built-in Tan-Link bringing together all training tools and materials in one convenient software. Start building a more competent organization and team by setting foundational training courses designed to help your staff grow.

There are many advantages of using a learning management system to improve your business . Start implementing an easy onboarding program to hire and train new team members efficiently. Consistently improve team members’ product knowledge, sales protocols, and operational procedures. 


Quickly build courses and training material to help staff easily get up to speed with new products, services, procedures, and much more!


Create surveys, quizzes, tests, or assignments to test the knowledge and progress of your team! 


Organize multiple learning paths and programs to enhance the growth of employees or help onboard new hires.

Benefits of LMS for your Tanning Salon

Online employee training software makes it incredibly simple to develop, deliver, and manage the staff training programs that help great teams grow. Making the switch from classroom-based training to a learning management system (LMS) brings significant benefits for businesses of any size. 

Employee onboarding software (also referred to as induction training software or a learning management system) helps you move onboarding training online for better delivery and management. 

Using an LMS brings considerable benefits for both your company and employees as new hires join your team.

Save Training Time

Help get new hires to work faster with web-based classes available online and on-demand.

Reduce Training Cost 

Lower employee training costs by reducing the learning, and additional staff hours, by bringing training online where it can be used repeatedly for no added cost.

Automate Your Tan Salon Training 

Spend more time figuring out what your people need and less time on repeatable tasks.

Uninterrupted Training 

Connect with Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software to streamline both training and business processes.

Reduce Friction 

Help your sales teams get back to work faster with web-based classes available on-demand and on their schedule.

With Tan-Link software, your tanning salon will be optimized for all-in-one software to grow revenue and help manage your whole business. Schedule a demo today to see how we can help provide better software for your tanning salon(s)! 

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