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Why is Tan-Link Software the best for a Tanning Salon Business?

Why is Tan-Link Software the best for a Tanning Salon Business?

Tanning businesses need constant supervision and a hands-on approach to keep them cash-flow positive. A manual process and the ability to manage will take a lot of effort. 

But what if it was all automated and your tanning salon was streamlined? Tan-Link software will do that for you!

What is Tan-Link?

Tan-Link is a state-of-the-art tanning salon software aiming to provide management ease for tan-salon owners, providing a flexible program for all salons regardless of the work-scale.

Tan-Link is defined by perfect management and recreational supervision. It provides you with the abstract perks of having a digital world at your disposal. In short, it helps you do everything digitally. From managing inventory to tracking machine time utilized, it is all one click away.

What features does Tan-Link provide?

Tan-Link is a software dataset aligned with modern technology and software developments. Ensuring your tanning salon business thrives under automated and streamlined operations.

A few distinct features of Tan-Link are listed below:

  • Easy Scheduling 

Tan-Link is like your personal guide to a better way of managing your tanning salon, from managing staff scheduling to customer appointments. Hence it allows you to have a dynamic calendar that works to help you schedule staff shifts and customer appointments.

  • Tanning Online Bookings

Tan-Link allows your customers to schedule easily and book appointments online. Without having to go to a physical location or call to make an appointment over the phone.

  • Email, Text, & Push Notifications

In today’s hustling era, there is a constant need to be reminded about certain things. Customers can be notified of upcoming appointments, failed billed, etc., all from the software. Just set up this automation in your Tan-Link account and let the software take care of the rest.

  • Reports

Track and measure all essential reports for your tanning salon, so you can make easy decisions on what areas of your business need more attention, from staff sales, equipment usage, etc. 

  • Inventory

Managing inventory is also a crucial aspect of overseeing a tanning salon business. Making sure you have all the cartridges filled for a mobile-tanning unit. Or having the lotion stockpiled up to excellent value. 

Tan-Link will manage your inventory the way you imagine it to be. Providing the best method to collect, sort, and disperse inventory to the needed places as you need it.

  • Automated Billing

What good is tanning salon management software if it doesn’t automate your billing?

Tan-Link easily allows you to set up recurring memberships or packages billing your customers on specific dates or dates of sign-up. Customize memberships or packages to give your customers plenty of options to choose from. Allow the software to automatically send a text out for failed bills to update payment information and assess late fees to a customer’s account after a certain amount of time. 

  • Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing and advertising are crucial when looking for new potential clients. Utilize Tan-Links integration to MailChimp for your email marketing. Take advantage of our integrated texting platform to target specific customers to promote specials on hot deals. Using Tan-Links integrated call center will allow potential customers to obtain a text link for specials automating your phone system to drive traffic.

  • Equipment Access Control

Using Tan-Link, you can control the tanning session’s equipment duration at your salon as we have an integrated control via Tmax. So now you don’t need to be there to set beds manually. Manage maintenance, start timers, trackbed cleanings, and much more with your Tan-Link software account.

  • Staff Management

You can easily manage your staff from different access capabilities; employee time clock, track store goals, track sales per employee, commission, bonuses, etc. Check their logs and monitor any account changes made to all customers. 


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