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Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software Partners with Plastic Printers

Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software Partners with Plastic Printers

Tan-Link has just partnered with Plastic Printers to streamline and provide custom gift cards to your Tan-Link tanning salon software account. These gift cards can easily be customized to your brand and quickly purchased online. If you are looking to increase brand awareness for your tanning salon and increase customer engagement, gift cards are the way to go!

Who is Plastic Printers?

Plastic Printers is a custom design shop for all promotional print products for your business needs. All of the design services are free and can quickly customize any print your business desires, offering print products such as; business cards, gift cards, key tags, signs, door hangers, menus, programs, and much more!

Click here to check out some gift cards for your tanning salon.

What are some of the benefits of offering gift cards at your tanning salon?

Gift cards are an easy way to increase average tickets, raise brand awareness, loyalty and provide a way to incentivize current customers. If you are a tanning salon owner and are looking to increase your sales and customer retention, check out our recent article: 5 Benefits Offering Gift Card At Your Tanning Salon.

Plastic Printers also offers custom promotional items, such as Service Menus, PPE, Signage, Safety Supplies, and Much More! If you are interested in gift cards or additional custom branded products for your tanning salon, check them out here: Plastic Printers

Start implementing gift cards at your tanning salon today, offering incentives for members for referrals or promotions for new members. There are so many ways to implement gift cards to increase sales at your business.

Using gift cards in Tan-Link Software is free and as most payment processors charge an additional monthly fee for this service. Schedule a demo of Tan-Link to see how we can help your tanning salon!


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