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Tan-Link Tanning Salon Spotlight: Electric Sun

Tan-Link Tanning Salon Spotlight: Electric Sun 

See what one of our newest tanning salons (Electric Sun ) has to say about Tan-Link and why they love our software! So, we asked John Grish of Electric Sun to give us some feedback regarding our software and how it has helped his newly acquired tanning salon. 

Would you give me a quick overview of Electric Sun?

Electric Sun Salon has been an established Tanning salon for more than 14 years in the exact location and is located in Northern Mi in the town of Gaylord.  

How many employees do you have? 

Currently, we employ 8 Employees but will be expanding with our new addition.

How does our software help your team or company achieve its objectives? 

That one is pretty easy. When we purchased the Salon in Jan of 2021, we didn’t know much about the software the previous owner was using. They had been using that software for 14 years. I’m pretty techy, and I saw things the software wasn’t doing well or at all. I started researching new software and came across Tan-Link. Many, many positive comments and reviews on Tan-Link. So I decided to set up a demo. I was blown away. 

What were the major pain points of your process before using our software? 

Major pain points of the previous software were only able to have one choice for a Credit Card Processor. Reporting was another issue. The software was installed on the salon computer, so there was no web-based access. 

What made you ultimately decide to switch? 

The two sales reps with Tan-Link answered every question I had and more. 

What other challenges were you and your team experiencing before using our software? 

The Previous software was crashing a lot, causing my staff and me headaches.

Would you describe a few of the reasons you decided to go with our software? 

  • Salespersons as they answered all my questions very quickly. 
  • The ability to charge a prorate + Next month when a customer signs up for one of our EFT memberships. The ability to draft once per month, but if any get declined, the system would automatically send a text letting the customer know their payment was declined. They have the option of calling the salon, come into the salon or pay the balance online and update their CC info. 
  • Call Center. This is a fantastic feature. When a customer calls the salon, it will pop up on the screen and let us know who it is, what package they have, and if any unpaid balances are new. 
  • Online Store. We have sold many packages online now. 
  • Online Appointment Scheduler. We do many Spray Tans, and customers can either call us to schedule an appointment or go to our website (electricsunsalon.com) and schedule an appointment. 

How has our software impacted your core metrics and tanning salon overall? 

I know it’s hard to imagine, and sales say you will make more profit with Tan-Link. I thought to myself, how can software make your salon more profitable? Well, trust me. It can! With the Prorate + 1st month, Auto Drafts, 2nd and 3rd auto drafts, Keeping in touch with your customers via text, social media…. You will find more people coming and purchasing more products.

By using our software, can you measure any reduced costs? 

Since my previous software was installed on my salon computer and paid for, Tan-Link does cost me a monthly fee, which in my case, is well worth it. With the increased revenue, the cost is offset for sure.

By using our software, can you measure any improvements in productivity or time savings?

Yes, saving time! Putting a customer into a bed is much quicker than our previous software. Notes, the history of the customer is right in front of you. 

By using our software, can you measure any increases in revenue or growth? 

We have only been on Tan-Link for two months, and again we are new Salon owners. I know my employees that used the previous software say Tan-Link is much easier to use. 

What is your favorite feature or part of our software? Why? 

  • Web based. Able to use it on my tablet or cellphone. No matter where I’m at, if a customer sends a text and has a question, I can look up their account and answer their question. 
  • Auto EFT Drafts. With previous software, this was always done each month manually. Tan-Link does it for you automatically. 
  • Texting feature. So great to have the system send a welcome text to your new customers. 
  • Online App for customers. This APP is great for customers to set appointments, see how many tans they have left, See what membership they are on, and pay right from the APP.

Have you used our customer support resources? If so, do you have any feedback from your experience? 

Have I used it…. LOL OH YES. Back in the day, 20 some years ago, I was in the Technical support world. I have to say, with Tan-Link their support goes way above anything I have ever seen. They now have a chat window on the dashboard for quick questions or issues. AMAZING. 

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