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Tan-Link Tanning Salon Spotlight: FitnTan

Tanning Salon Spotlight: FitnTan

Owner: Elizabeth CoCo

Website: www.fitntanstl.com

Location: St. Louis Missouri

Would you give me a quick overview of your tanning salon?

We have 3 locations here in St Louis. We offer tanning, three kinds of spray tanning, red light therapy, Infrared Sauna, MyLipo Body Sculpting, and Formostar Infrared Wraps.

How does Tan-Link software help your team or company achieve its objectives?

Tan-Link keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently; from the morning check-in reminders, sales numbers and PCA posted to improve performance, inventory, scheduling, EFT collection, and client retention design, Tan-Link not only allows your business to run as efficiently as possible, but it also increases revenue as well over other software platforms. 

What were the major pain points of your process before using Tan-Link software? 

EFT collection was horrible. Trying to get staff members to make calls or send out letters was time-consuming, inefficient, and wasn’t nearly as productive as Tan Link. 

What made you ultimately decide to switch from your other tanning software?

There were too many features that Tan Link offered that you couldn’t get anywhere else to ignore. Between online appointments, sales, no “software downtime” issues, the online store, the schedule reminders for staff, the ease of the training compared to other software, the list goes on and on. Tan-Link was by far the unique software I’d come across with features specifically targeting efficient tanning salon needs. 

What other challenges were you and your team experiencing before using our software?

The EFT collection process was probably one of the biggest challenges. Still, the retention design in reducing cancellations and the check-in reminders for my openers in the morning have been huge benefits as well. We were having more cancellations than freeze.

How did you hear about our software?

I saw some other salon owners talking about it and asked to try a demo. I’m sad to say I didn’t switch right away. Afraid of change, I guess. But now that I have, I could yell at my past self to do it sooner! 

Would you describe a few of the reasons you decided to go with our software?

EFT collection and the client texts were two features that stuck out to me initially. In a world where technology dictates everything we do these days, software technology was far superior to what it did for business and client communication. With running multiple locations, we can run our business from anywhere, even my phone, so that was a huge benefit. 

How has our software impacted your core metrics and tanning salon overall?

We have increased our EFT revenue to levels and we collect a higher percentage of EFT than we ever did before! Our clients are communicated with effectively and efficiently, our inventory is consistent, and we never have “software downtime” issues any longer, our team communication each day in the chat is motivating as well as effective for all kinds of things every day, and the training process to get our team members up to speed is more efficient than its ever been.

By using our software, can you measure any reduced costs?

Training costs have decreased as it’s much easier to grasp operations in Tan-Link than any other software we’ve used. We’ve reduced the prices of our credit card processing by going paperless. Effective communication with our clients increased revenues with the online store and EFT collections and created efficient schedules that track hours to reduce waste in payroll. 

By using our software, can you measure any improvements in productivity or time savings?

I can’t say it enough; the EFT collection process has been phenomenal. The reduction in costs to collect declined EFT. The improved efficiency of the client paying their balance due via text or email, the email communication with clients. The staff seeing daily numbers and PCA creating a positive sales environment for them to be naturally competitive, inventory is tracked and counted more efficiently, the online scheduling of appointments for client ease and fewer phone calls to staff, the list goes on and on. 

By using our software, can you measure any increases in revenue or growth?

Yes, we’ve seen an increase in sales performance by the staff, and they have become a lot more competitive with their own personal sales goals and EFT growth with collections and retention.

What is your favorite feature or part of our software? Why?

The text/email features in Tan Link. The level of communication in day-to-day operations and with the clients is vast. Tan-Link offers a unique platform that allows us to connect with our clients more efficiently and staff. The online store is fantastic, and we love the online appointment feature as well. 

Have you used our customer support resources? If so, do you have any feedback from your experience?

We LOVE the customer support bubble right there in Tan Link. It’s terrific to have that level of support. Even the support tickets process from before was fabulous, and we’ve never had to wait for any issues to be resolved, but the added support link right from the software is live – well done, Tan-Link! Well done! It’s fabulous. 


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