I’ve talked before about the importance of having a solid EFT revenue base in the salon. It is the single most important source of revenue for us, hands down, bar none.

However, not every customer walking in is interested in signing up for a membership. Various reasons are given for not signing up even though the EFT membership is the most attractive option, price-wise and value-wise.

When these customers sign up for a non-EFT package, say a 2 week or 1 month package, that is the amount of time you have to upsell this customer on the membership. Track each customer through your software to make sure when the time approaches for the expiration of their package period, you are ready to attempt an EFT sale again. They may not have wanted to sign up 2 weeks ago, but now that they have been tanning and loving that new lotion they bought (you sold a lotion with that package, right?), they might be just ready to sign up for the awesome EFT package you have.

Don’t let these customers slip by. Use great software (such as Tan-Link, there is my plug) to assist you in tracking and converting these customers to EFT.

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