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Tanning Salon Email Marketing

Tanning Salon Email Marketing

Running a tanning salon is a lot of work, just from a management and operational standpoint. However, marketing can be a whole other job in itself for your tanning salon. Use your tanning salon software to help with your email marketing at your tan salon. 

Here are a couple of simple tips to help streamline your email marketing at your tanning salon. 

Collect Emails Upon Sign Up 

Upon customers signing up for a package, you should entice them to enter an email address so you can regularly communicate with them about promotions, updates, hour changes, store closures, etc. Easily collect emails with your tanning salon software to streamline signup.


Send Out Regular Newsletters 

Every business should be regularly communicating with customers and potential customers. Send a monthly newsletter out about what is coming up for the month about promotions, specials, discounts, etc. The fact that they see your name in their inbox will spark interest given the right moment.

Blast Out Specials 

Every time you are running a promotion or special at your tanning salon, send an email with this information in it. The goal is to obtain more engagement and brand awareness at your salon. 

Leverage Your Tanning Software

Your tanning salon software should allow you to filter specific customers with either different membership types, if they are active clients, etc. This reporting in your tanning software will allow you to leverage your data and send targeted promotions. 

Start Marketing Today

In addition to email marketing for your tanning salon, SMS (texting) is becoming a prevalent marketing option for many businesses. Utilizing many marketing techniques and utilizing your software data will allow your tan salon to grow. 

Schedule a demo of Tan-Link to see how we can help streamline email marketing for your tanning salon!

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