We hear all the time that our employees are our best asset.

That is true. But not always.

If your business doesn’t have a good on-going way to evaluate how each member of the staff is performing, then you have no way to know who is performing and who is not. Any metric is better than having none, however some metrics are better indicators of performance than others.

The metric you choose should be one that scales with season, and scales with the number of customers you see. We use a metric called $/Unique Tanner which is the sale amount divided by the number of unique tanners the employee has seen. This number is usually a very good way to tell you who is doing well in your salon, and who needs help.

An employee who consistently shows poor numbers must be observed either in person, or through your camera setup to see what the issue is. You may learn that the employee is too shy to really be able to do a good sales job.

While some issues can be rectified with training, a personality issue is simply not one of them. When you discover this issue with an employee, its time to help them make a career move.

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